{Gigi D Agostino La Passion Acapella} ((FULL))


{Gigi D Agostino La Passion Acapella}

in 2001, d’agostino founded noise maker records, a label dedicated to the mediterranean progressive house style, for which he is known as one of the leaders. the first title released was gigi d’s violin, a track on which d’agostino featured. the album was released in italy under the title acapella. on this album he also included some songs with lyrics sung by the singer enrico ruggeri.

in 2005, d’agostino released a new album of original tracks, this time with the title l’ultimo cuore. on this album he included three new songs that were never released as singles, although they were played on radio stations all over the world.

in 2006, he released another album of original tracks, this time with the title mio core (my heart). this album includes the hit singles i love you, with this song he resumed collaboration with the singer enrico ruggeri, who had written the song in 1994. this song became a hit in the clubs all over the world. the second track is the new hit single i love you, featuring vocals by the italian singer drea. on this album he included a track by the singer tiziano ferro, the same one who wrote the song ciao, baby for the italian version of the movie moulin rouge! the last track is the new single “heart of the sea” written by d’agostino himself.

gigi dagostino, or gigi dag as he is known as in the european dj community, was the first dj to introduce the european trance scene to the american market. he started his career with his first release, the single “bla bla bla”. it was released as a single by noise maker in 1999, and was one of the first superclub tunes. he has since released many single, mostly in the progressive house genre. although his most well known works are dance hits, d’agostino has also released trance, house, and chillout music, as well as albums. he has released a trance album (gigimix) and a chillout album (gigi dagostino, vol.1). he has also released an album with mauro picotto, “avatare”.

d’agostino’s first album, “e.v.o.r.” was released in 1990 and is one of the first albums of mediterranean progressive dance. the album was followed by a second one released in 1992 named “ba ba ba”. it was mostly made by himself and was the first volume of the “d’agostino” series of albums. the third and last volume of the series, “il chiaro non si arde” (the clear burn no longer burns), was released in 1997 and is considered by many as the best album of this kind of music. also “il chiaro non si arde” contains some remixes done by mauro picotto, the italian producer and club dj. besides being a producer and dj, d’agostino also works as a writer and has written several books including “un dia di dancin” (one day of dancing), “la chiave c’e’ l’amore”, “il fatto che si usa il sesso per fornire pietanza” and “per la vita e per la felicita” (for life and for happiness).
d’agostino had a big impact on the discos of mediterranean countries and he has won several important awards. in 1997 he was the winner of the world dance music award and in the same year, he was voted best dj in the emma awards (an italian award for dance music) and his remix of armand van helden’s song “sex-o-meter” became an italian number 1 hit.
gigi d’agostino composed and produced the la passione acapella, the album that would make him famous. the album, named after the main track, was released in 1999 and contained 13 songs of different genres, from hip hop to reggae and folk, with an electronic atmosphere. songs such as ”reggae medley” (featuring nenad branošek), ”tango medley” (featuring mango) and ”aria” (featuring mango) were part of this mix. the album was produced by mauro picotto and arno mura, with the support of r.a.f., daniele gas and angelo perilli (nephew of toto perilli). this album was recorded in milan at media records studios.


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