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Widevine Content Decryption module is a cryptographic module developed by Google Inc. The module is used to encrypt video content. This module is required for decryption of DRM protected content.

iTube v3.8.3 Overview:

iTube v3.8.3 is all-in-one solution for streaming any video from all your devices: phone, PC, laptop, PC, tablet, and TV. With iTube v3.8.3 you can enjoy and share videos in the new way! Now you can download videos from YouTube and more and then watch on your TV or PC / Laptop. Discover and share in high definition quality.

iTube v3.8.3 Features:

1. Watch and enjoy live or downloaded HD videos on TV or PC at home, office, on the go, and on the road!
2. Download all popular video content from YouTube and other video providers.
3. Share videos with friends by posting directly on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network.
4. Take full advantage of the Smart Video Player with its new layout and video enhancements.
5. Download and play videos from more than 200 different video sites.
6. Watch apps from your Android device as if you were on a PC or laptop.
7. Easy access to all your videos, including your favorite ones from personal playlists.
8. New! Download videos from various apps, including Angry Birds, Paper Toss, and more!

iTube v3.8.3 System Requirements:

1. Android 2.3 or later
2. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
3. 2G or 3G internet connection

Requirements for Installation & Configuration:

1. Android phone:
2. USB cable
3. Install the Zitang Android Emulator
4. Run the Setup.exe
5. On the “Installation URL” & “Package Name” enter ‘’ & ‘com.install.youtubetube’ respectively
6. Tap the “Install” button
7. Follow the onscreen instructions
8. Open Google Play Store
9. Search for ‘iTube v3.8.3’
10. Tap the ‘install’ button on the top left to install the app
11. Tap the button on the top right which says’settings’
12. Open the ‘Settings’ app
13. Tap the ‘

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This article briefly covers 5 best techniques for video/media development; and also in regards to best formats to use for video/media development.

Before, we start the article with the first technique, let me take the liberty to say that this technique is best to use when there is nothing much to rely on.

How it works?

As the name suggests, this technique involves using hand-drawn illustrations.

This technique works well when it comes to short-video clips and low-budget productions since it’s quick to create but also consumes low bitrates.


1. Open Adobe Illustrator.

2. Go to File > New.

3. Select any vector drawing.

4. Go to Layer > New > Vector Layer.

5. Name your layer.

6. Type in a title.

7. Select a colour.

8. Select “stroke” from the “Effects” menu.

9. Adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.

10. Click the box to add a stroke.

11. Type in a number of swipes.

12. Select OK.

13. Erase the black swipes.

14. Type in a title.

15. Create a vector image.

16. Adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.

17. Click the box to add a stroke.

18. Select “fill” from the “Effects” menu.

19. Adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.

20. Click the box to add a stroke.

21. Type in a number of swipes.

22. Select OK.

23. Erase the black swipes.

24. Save your drawing as file.

25. Save your file.

Step-by-step Details

Step-by-step details on how to use this technique are simple to implement.

Step 6. Adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.

In this step, you can adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.

Step 11. Type in a number of swipes.

In this step, you can adjust the settings in the floating menu box on the right.


What’s New In?

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First, as LBM

System Requirements For Gui4fmpeg:

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit versions).
Dual-Core CPU
1 GB hard disk space
DirectX 11 compatible video card (1024×768, 1280×1024 or greater)
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