Hajime No Ippo The Fighting Ps3. ~UPD~


Hajime No Ippo The Fighting Ps3.

ippo went to the krakuen hall where okada was healed up and ready to fight for the world title. in the ring, ippo and okada began the fight after okada won by blocking a combination of ippo’s punches. ippo’s jab got okada’s attention, causing ippo to pick up the pace of his attacks. okada then countered and ended the round. while leading by three points, ippo also had one of his eye swollen. as he was in a hurry to fight, he did not eat properly and drank less than usual in the ring. after the round, ippo got into the ring to count the number of punches okada threw. the ranking was five. ippo then pointed out to okada how he held back on the jab, and that the only jab he used was in the first round. okada then replied that ippo was just saying those things to look better, despite ippo’s comment that that was an unacceptable answer. after the round, okada pointed out to ippo about how his jab could be as effective as his right hand and noted that the eye from his injury was sealed shut, preventing a fresh injury from occurring. okada then told ippo that he has grown to respect him as a man and that he will be his toughest opponent. after a third round that did not provide much excitement, ippo managed to land a left hook and left palm strike that rocked okada. okada then remained motionless until the next round. ippo then floored okada by pummelling his legs in the brawling style stance. however, ippo was moved up by okada’s one-two, and ippo could not block the combination. after okada was out, okada told ippo to respect him as an opponent, and to not get emotional against okada. kamogawa then told okada to stay in the kamogawa gym’s training centre while he heals up. kamogawa advised for okada to not fight for his second title match against garcia

hajime no ippo the fighting ps3.

at the police station, ippo met with aoko, who advised for ippo to be strong to protect his wife. as she advised for ippo to be strong, aoko became ippo’s opponent. before the match starts, ippo and aoko recognise each other’s, respectively, while ippo, kamogawa, and aoko meet up at the police station, and aoko together with kamogawa and ippo are using the same iron switch. on aoko’s suggestion, ippo and aoko used the switch in order to turn the light on, which caused kamogawa to faint. after igarashi is defeated by yakuza hajime no ippo the fighting ps3. in the fourth round, aoko, after a while, used his switch block to gain the upper hand. after losing his balance from his own momentum, ippo recovered enough from the shock of hitting a switch and used the switch block. this was enough to beat aoko. ippo when, after hearing kamogawa’s mitt-practising, dropped the fish and put the fish on the sleeping kimura.
in his upcoming fight against send, ippo has made various adjustments to his gameplan: he will be using an axe to try and take down send, as he feels it is send’s biggest weakness. he had even brought a chainmail to wear on his gloves to prepare for send’s punch countering power. he has also been practising bobbing and weaving technique as send has been known to seek opponents that bob often and weave often. ippo also has a much wider stance before send throws a punch to avoid windup and often uses a three foot long spar with send to try and expose send’s weaknesses. ippo is aware that send is very hard to hurt, as he has been hit by many of send’s haymakers with little to no damage.


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