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Harry Potter 1 Sinhala Dubbed Ki

Adventure #

Harry Potter has come up in the world of the famous author of the boy wizard. Some say that he is an ambitious man who pursues the power of Voldemort; his enemy. He has become the most popular character in the world. However, in the different languages, the character of Harry Potter can be called with the same name in the different languages. Each of the languages has its own versions of the character of Harry Potter. For example, in the Irish, the character is called Hagrid and in Italian, the name is Harry Potter.

On the other hand, in the Malayalam language, he is called K.P., the younger brother of the protagonist. The character is also called K.P. Nair in the Tamil language. The names are given in the Malayalam language for it is the native language of the character of Harry Potter. In Sinhala and Tamil, the names are given in the Roman script.

Harry Potter

From the way of his deeds and from the kindness of the Quidditch team that he has gathered, we can conclude that the character of Harry Potter is a hero. He had a magical background as his parents belonged to the wizard. He had taken the world to the summit of his fascination. He was a servant in the house of Hermione. In addition to this, he was the hero of the contest of the triwizard tournament. He was the hero of the different clubs like Hogwart, the Quidditch team, etc.

K. P. Nair

When we will mention the name of the character of Harry Potter in Tamil, we will get the names K.P. Nair and K.P. In addition to this, we can say that K.P. is the younger brother of Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the real hero of the series, while K.P. is the second hero.

In the first installment of the story, the K.P. Nair reads a book on the flying broomsticks and after that, he gets the pleasure to fly on his broomstick. In this book, he sees Harry Potter at Hogwarts. He comes to know that Harry Potter is the man of his dreams. When he heard this, he goes to the Harry Potter and offers his services.


Hagrid is another hero of the series. When we will mention the name of Hagrid in Malayalam, we will get the names Hagrid, K.P. Nair and K.P. The hero of the series, Harry Potter, had a teacher like Hagrid. He was also the keeper of the castle.

Gilderoy Lockhart

In the case of Harry Potter series, the character of Gilderoy Lockhart is very famous. We can say that he was the most intellectual person in the entire series. In fact, he taught Harry


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