There is no shortage of sites for downloading free cracked games, though the amount of time and effort to be put in depends on your personal circumstances. Here are three sites we thought were good to download illegal games.

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Every few months, Game Review Share (GRS) is updated with a new and exciting game for you to download. It may be cracked, or fully unmodified.
You can rest assured that these are 100% real, completely safe and virus free download links. Enjoy your Game File…

Anyone can list software on their website, but only a few can offer credible reviews on their software. You can find a quick breakdown of how good or bad an app or game is in an app’s review. If you’re lucky, you may also be able to find the full, uncensored version (which generally means it’s far more useful) of that game or app, and it comes with a quick (usually five or 10-minute) overview about the game’s mechanics, gaming graphics, controls, and feature set.

We strongly recommend sticking to legitimate download sites, and you can avoid a lot of potential headaches if you do. Software that is free to download shouldn’t be behind a paywall. Many people pay to secure servers or pro subscriptions, and end up with spyware, adware, and other malware that harms them.


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