Megaupload was a popular website that hosted cracked software. It was arguably the biggest file locker site in the internet. Megaupload had been closed down on January 20, 2012, but its cracked software continues to circulate. Since then, you can find cracks of games, music, videos, and software at many websites that are hosted by developers and sites that are run by hackers.

This website has plenty of cracked games and it also hosts some cracked softwares. You should note that we do not host the softwares or games on this website, we simply link the download links provided in the comments of the users or this website.

Went to other sites such as Warez Scene, Softpedia, etc. where software developers do provide cracked softwares for you but wait, they are only working with publishers such as EA or NCSOFT. I found out that these sites no longer work and any publisher that they used to work with is looking for ways to get out of their partnership with them which means they will be filling their search engines with reasons to shut them down.

You need to go to where the other developers are searching. This is where you can find free games for your computer but they do not want to share with anyone. They don’t want someone to use it, edit it and sell it. The hard part is that they need a person to hack their software. Thats why you have to put in the time and effort to find a good hacker. Hackers can sell their work, but they also want to be paid for the service they perform.

Flash games are played by most computer users. Flash games are very common on the Internet. Hundreds of flash games are released every day. The world record currently stands at 832,522 by a person called WimJanssen. While browsing through the Internet, you may stumble across the download links of some flash games that seem cool. The problem is that a lot of these games are cracked and a good number of these games are shared only in closed communities. With this article, you will be able to download flash games without spending any money and also no one will get to know about it. We have used a proxy server to reach these great sites with privacy.


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