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There are other site that has cracked game for free, but here we have first page result just for having a try. This website has a big archive of all the cracked games. These are roms so you would need crack for emulator to run them. Although this website is not as active as other cracked game websites. But still, it is worth visiting once you have got the crack for your desired game.

There are many websites that offers cracked games, at this point there is no need to mention them, because they are the ones that we use. They are more frequently updated and offers you the direct download link of cracked application. I know that there are paid websites for cracked games, and I don’t recommend you to go for them. These sites keep their cracked copy in database and they ask for money from user for accessing them so they always keep the older cracked version. Here we are with a cracked version of the game. If you are finding a cracked version for a very long time but you are not able to download it, then you can go for this one.


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