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IOFF is now just a search engine, but still, it is the best search engine for eBooks that I know of. You can use this to find books in these categories: novels, comics, manga, and eBooks. For https://winbear.net/download-vysor-repack-latest-version/ example, for books that were released in the 1980s, you can search using this keyword: “1980s (fiction)”.

Book-share is a website that is dedicated to the world of books and any other kind of files that are easily available. They only have ebooks available on this site. Some of the categories include most downloaded, most viewed, etc. All in all, this is a site that offers more than just ebooks. It is also a site that offers screeners for movies, software, music, and the list goes on and on.

The DPL stands for the New York Digital Public Library, and it is one of the best and most useful sites on the internet, especially if youre a fan of books. As you can see, the site has a lot of its own categories like, Best of the Week, Classic Novels, etc. Even with so many categories, the site still has a lot of books to offer.

Once upon a time, LimeTorrents was a site where you could download torrents for free. However, in 2015, it changed its name to TD; and finally, in 2019, it merged with Torrentz, making it one of the biggest sites on the internet. While this is one of the best sites to download torrents, it does have some limitations, like the one for which you can only download torrents, and there is a 15 GB limit. The best part is that you can choose the size of the torrent file that you can download, and the more data you send, the bigger your files will be.



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