This website lets you download software for free. A lot of this software is pirated, meaning it is not downloaded legally. At best, this is short-term use on your own computer. But with a few clicks you can install software on to your Windows, Mac, Android or Unix computer with ease.

Like many other sites, Download Free Flash Games offers many kinds of software. There are game demos, warez, movie torrents, mp3 files, and many more. The site itself is pretty well organized and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

P2P filesharing tools aren’t meant for stealing software, but rather for sharing files over the internet. You’re actually sharing complete software installations (aka. crack), so you need to download crack from each one separately.

P2P file sharing websites are the perfect way to search for crack and free PC games. These websites allow people to download files that others have uploaded, meaning that they can search for and download any file regardless of copyright restrictions. I Got Tools has over 4 million cracks and activations so you are bound to find the free game you want.

Paid service websites are similar to shopping malls: they offer a wide range of apps and games, try them out and buy the software you like. Their services are licensed by individual publishers and can be cracked the same way.

GameRanger allows you to download cracked software for your Xbox 360 games. Its a great way to experience and enjoy cracked games. You can use this website to download cracked games, patches and drivers for PS3, PS4, Xbox and Wii.


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