Software lovers may find this one of the best sites to download cracked software. Its a website that has the largest collection of pirated software. You can download all the software for many platforms including Windows, MAC, android, iOS, IOS. At the moment, there are about 25 million files and their count is growing by the minute.

If youre looking for downloads from any obscure site, then this is the one to go to. Among the sites with the most torrents are: Softpedia, SoftApk, SoftEmpire, SoftWindows, Hakel and SoftCentury.

Crazed is another one-stop destination for all sorts of cracked software. You can browse their library, download any file, and utilize their search engine for finding torrents. They are quite active and you can browse their contents at any time.

This site is based in India. It is the perfect destination for downloading videos and cracked software. Every time you browse their library, there are always new stuff. As of now, the number of torrents they have has grown to 5 million and their library is expanding with the passing time.

If youre someone who wishes that you can easily download the cracked software from many sites, then this is the one to visit. It is basically a search engine for cracked software. Most of the software listed here are cracked games or apps but you can find cracked software for many OS platforms as well.

This is one of the biggest sites for cracked software. The website boasts that they host more than 40 million torrents and every time you browse their library, you will see many new torrents. Their library currently has 70 million torrents.


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