The Tor Project has a big problem. Because the Tor network is incredibly well-hidden, ordinary websites can have a hard time connecting to it. Our team of security experts helped create the Onion over https, which is an encrypted connection that takes advantage of the fact that we have so many hops between you and the service youre trying to reach.

Let me see if I can be concise and clear here. So, you visit a site like BitTorrent and say, “Hello, I want to download a game. What do I need to do?” And the site says, “Here are the BitTorrent sites that can help you download a game.” What all these sites are doing is sharing out our favorite games from their catalogs and letting you download them for free. Downloading a game is really easy: click the browse button, search, and download.

I want to add another feature to the overall list of best free services: you can pay for features that will simplify your life as a user, or more specifically, make things easier for you. In practice this means that youll have the ability to have your changes monitored by your favorite automatic updater system, so youll always get the most recent version available to you. Here are a few of the things that you get with a site like this:

Imgur is a site that hosts all sorts of files, photos, and other bits. It now has a BitTorrent client inside it that lets you download files from other computers on the web to your computer, which is pretty neat.

Droid Lord is a little different to your average site. Rather than just having cracked or modded games, the site also has cracked apps and mods for your mobile devices. Some of the applications it has are WhatsApp, TinyUrl, and WhatsApp Web.


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