How Drunk Am I? is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software created specifically for systems running Windows 8.1, that aims to help you calculate how much you were affected by the beverages that you have had so far, determining your EBAC (estimated blood alcohol content) level.
Intuitive and straight-forward interface
Bear in mind that the application can only be installed from the Store, so you absolutely need to have Windows 8.1 on your computer, otherwise you cannot work with it.
How Drunk Am I? features a fun, streamlined interface with four main sections through which you can browse using your mouse cursor wheel. The main panels are ‘Check-in Time’, ‘Standard Drinks’, ‘Custom Drinks’ and ‘Tab’, the last one allowing you to learn the final result.
Calculate your EBAC
The ‘Check-In Time’ section of the program enables you to input the moment when you started drinking, either automatically by pressing the indicated button to record the current hour, or manually, by entering the amount of time in 00:00 format.
From the ‘Standard Drinks’ panel, you can choose the beverages you have had, by clicking on them for a number of times equal to the number of drinks. You can select between ‘Wine’, ‘Beer’, ‘Brandy’, ‘Fortified Wine’, ‘Spirits’ or ‘Shot’. However, if these do not cover the necessary array of beverages, you can use the ‘Custom Drinks’ to input the name, quantity and alcoholic content into the app, then ‘Mix’ it to obtain the cocktail.
Finally, in the ‘Tab’ window, you will view a list of all the items you have drunk, along with the corresponding quantity. You can thus press the ‘How Drunk Am I?’ button and the utility will calculate the percentage, displaying it in the side window, along with the ‘Time Left to Sober’, as well as a description of your likely state, to compare it with how you are actually feeling.
Estimate your blood alcohol content
To summarize, How Drunk Am I? is a fun and useful tool for Windows 8.1 that enables you to calculate your EBAC, helping you determine if you are in any state to continue drinking or if you are still allowed to drive, according to US regulations.







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