I9505 Efs Repair Z3x

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I9505 Efs Repair Z3x

Make a backup copy of the efs and qcn files using z3x, then restore imei. Download the phone … I have been doing imei recovery of Chinese bodies for many years.
But here I have already loomed a problem – the firmware has flown.
I can not find the firmware to be under this Chinese miracle.
And I’m desperate.
Tell me where to download the firmware and how to flash it in the phone.
thanks in advance
Backup efs and qcn files with z3x then restore imei.
Download your phone…
For many years I have been doing restoration of Chinese bodies through imei.
But here I already had a problem – the firmware has crashed.


1. Download the I9505 (Series) EFS Fix using this link:
Download 1. ROM File Download 2. EFS Fix File Download.
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