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Download Idol Manager Free Game for PC full setup direct link PC version for free.
Want to install but not able to just because you lack the suitable internet connection.
Thanks to the internet the process is easy to Download and install games PC version easily.Q:

Powershell scripting 2 fields from the same record into one array

I am working in Powershell on a PowerShell ISE. I have several accounts and I’m trying to get the last couple digits of all the accounts. I have 6 accounts and they all have the same exact ending. I want to take each account name and append the ending onto that name. So I created this function:
$Accounts = Import-Csv C:\Users\Me\Desktop\Users.csv

function Get-Accounts {

$Accounts | Where-Object {$_.AccountType -eq “Office”} | Sort-Object Account -Descending |
ForEach-Object {

$Account = $_.account
$account.AccountType = $_.AccountType
$account.AccountNumber = $_.AccountNumber



The problem is that it’s only putting the last account number in the array. Here’s a sample of the csv file:
“accounts”: [
“account”: “1234123”,
“accounttype”: “Office”,
“accountnumber”: “123456”
“account”: “1234512”,
“accounttype”: “Office”,
“accountnumber”: “123456”
“account”: “1234513”,
“accounttype”: “Office”,
“accountnumber”: “123456”


If you are reading this with Import-Csv, you should get a nicer data object. For example:

So you can filter

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As the manager of a songwriter/artist, you’ll have to manage your career at a record label. From a star who wants to be the next big thing to a talented. Love Pop’N’Roll is a new rhythm game in which you manage a songwriter, a musician, and their band.
Today, a new update for the game has come out and this update will add online play for the PC version of the game. It will also .
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