India Arie Testimony Vol2 Love Politics Rar

Arie is currently performing with her band in the recording studio as she prepares for the release of the brand new album Testimony Vol. 2: Love & Politics. Also performing will be the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

India.Arie is a singer, songwriter, visual artist, and a performance poet. The first woman of African descent to have a No. 1 Pop album, India.Arie has sold over five million records worldwide. Her first studio album produced by Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Acoustic Soul, was released on Atlantic Records and featured her soulful blend of jazz, R&B, traditional Kemet music, and soul-filled gospel. Although her debut was like a breath of fresh air for the music industry, Arie never stopped performing. Following the success of her album, Arie performed on the Grammy Awards telecast in 2001, in the same year she won the Artist of the Year Award at the annual World Music Awards. She followed up the award with a Grammy Nomination, won a World Music Award, and has received seven Grammy nominations for her first four studio albums.

With her groundbreaking debut, Acoustic Soul, India.Arie became the first R&B artist of African heritage to have a No.1 album on the US Billboard charts with her second album, Voyage to India. The record debuted at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart, with sales of over 800,000, and has sold over 3 million copies to date. The album features her husband, Dawit Bekele.

The sequel to her Grammy nominated album, Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics, the album is India.Arie’s seventh studio album. Her music is rooted in the spirituality of Africa, and her lyrics are reflective of her time in Jerusalem and experience as a mother. She names many of her songs as having healing powers. Her songs also exemplify how selfless giving can come from the most unlikely places.

india.arie loves to cover songs. she even told us shes got all but one of the nine albums that defined her childhood. her eclectic range of tastes also extends to her genre, where covers take up a large portion of her discography. testimony, vol. 2 love & politics is no exception. aries takes on some of the major themes of the album, and her interpretation of them is a little different than you might expect. i can imagine she was inspired by the political climate of the moment as well as the genre of country music. in fact, the album comes with a letter from congressman john lewis praising the album. on that note, i give you a couple of my favorite songs from the album. today is the day is an uplifting song, but the first line of the chorus, today is the day to move on, today is the day to love yourself rings true in so many ways, and i think its one of the most inspirational songs of the year.
on testimony, vol. 2 india arie is no stranger to the halls of power. in addition to being a member of the united nations, the grammy-winning singer has also been a member of the congressional black caucus and the congressional black caucus foundation. so when congressman john lewis made his very public endorsement of testimony, vol. 2 love & politics, we couldnt be more proud. and while we know theres plenty of time before the album comes out, we felt it was important to get this endorsement out there. arie not only has the talent to do great things in the political arena, she has the heart to do great things as well. so if youre looking for an album that will make you think and reflect, and maybe even inspire you to make some positive change, look no further. theres only one thing left to do. take a listen to testimony, vol.

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