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animated features tend to focus on characters as they grow older as they ascend or move up in power. in this case the guardians go back in time to save the world from pitch black. this is the first book in the series that i’ve read – i was impressed by how it had turned into a more stylized model of norse mythology – there is still a lot of humor and a lot of action. for me, the guardians make for an entertaining group.

another interesting fact about jack frost is that he is the only villain in the series who is a “full-time” villain – he is constantly at work whenever the guardians (or other kids) are asleep. jack also uses his powers to change the weather at will – this is an entertaining effect that uses the snow/wind technique used in the good, old-fashioned fairytales. fans of norse mythology and peter pan or “peter pan syndrome” will find this story very entertaining, especially as the earth grows colder and colder. just think of jack frost as a colder, colder disney version of the scary stories you might have heard about the boogeyman or the man in black.

warning: minor spoilers throughout this review!! this is the third feature from director peter ramsey, who also directed the frankly brilliant 2010 film the adventures of tintin and 2008’s monsters vs aliens. although it is a disney animation production, it certainly looks and feels like a high quality live action film, showing a greater attention to detail and production values, while still retaining the child friendly atmosphere of previous disney ‘toon films (and even making fun of itself in some cases). much of this feature is set in modern day london, but the film only really seems to be set in the past when the guardians are sent to visit our world, as seen in the prologue and epilogue sequences. it certainly helps that we have such a good actor in jude law as well, but one of the things i’ve always really loved about disney animation is the way they capture the innate magic of childhood.

next to this scene, the relationship jack and the tooth fairy have seems a little rushed, but its a very cute scene. believe it or not, jack’s relationship with sandy, his guardian guardian, is the highlight of the movie for me. sandy is the embodiment of santa in my opinion. you want to take care of a stuffed toy thats been a long time companion and best friend? he gets your back. his relationship with jack is sweet and extremely well done for such a comedic film. the supporting cast of saldana as the tooth fairy and fisher as the easter bunny proves to be delightful fun to watch as well. the tooth fairy molds jack into a prop at first, but once they start flying around new york he has to become an active participant in the fight to keep the guardians safe. here, we see a little of his history and the reasons he wanted to be a guardian in the first place. next to this scene, the relationship jack and the tooth fairy have seems a little rushed, but its a very cute scene. the guardians (2012) is the guardians story, while guardians of the galaxy (2014) is the guardians storyline. the former is the best of both worlds. they complement each other as a whole. i just wish they would have done the same for the guardians of the galaxy and specifically another reason why i enjoyed the movie so much was due to chris pratt as star lord. i absolutely love him as a lead and he was always hilarious.
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