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Jagga Jasoos In Hindi Watch Online

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Q2 How to handle infinite scrolling in views

I’ve had a look around, and the closest I can find in Q2 is this.
But it assumes a standard list-view with pagination. I have different views in my app – Text-based, images, graphs, etc.
I found a few gems for pagination and infinite scrolling when using Q1, but it seems too simple for Q2.
My question – how can I achieve this in Q2. Do I need to use Q1 and then re-import my components for Q2?


I think this is how you could implement this behavior in Q2:

Use a queue as an infinite collection, a “buffer” – you’ll not lose any data, while it will always contain the newest data available,
Add a timer,
Set it to 1 second,

that is more or less all you need to implement this behavior. You still need to check if the current item on the view does not fit the view content, if you want it to scroll out of bounds, if it should always scroll, or if it should only scroll once, or if it should animate on it’s own etc.

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Tua Tagovailoa

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That injury was his right ankle, which he injured in a win at Ole Miss in mid-September. He missed the remainder of the regular season and


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