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– This macro will check and validate the installed color scheme and load the most appropriate color in full screen and take a screenshot of your desktop.

– The full screen image can be modified to apply the color with a different background, or you can keep the default image, and only change the desktop wallpaper.

– If the application is not run in normal mode, it also provides a transition to the desktop, so that the transition will be similar to that of the Windows 8 theme.

– A simple tweak menu allows you to select the background color in the screenshot image.

– You can use the screenshot image as desktop wallpaper, and the preview thumbnail can be previewed as the new desktop wallpaper.

– You can also use a snapshot mode, which allows you to take a snapshot of the computer screen, with the color of your choice.

– This program also provides a feature to save the desktop in a list of images, for later use.

– You can also use the application as a background image manager.

– The program has multiple themes and color options, so that you can change the background color to a new image and also change the appearance of the image using the color wheels.

– This application can create the impression that the screen is transparent, so that any background behind it can be seen.

– You can use the same color in different apps, and change the color without changing the image, so that the image remains the same.

– The original wallpaper and the screenshot image are saved in a file, so that it can be used by other applications.

– This application can also open a list of images, and create the impression that your desktop is in a folder.

– You can load the images into the wallpaper, so that you can view them at any time.

– You can select the images as desktop wallpaper, and also resize them for your personal taste.

– You can also load your images into the thumbnail of the program, so that you can quickly view them, without having to load the whole image into the program.

– The program offers a wide variety of themes, and you can adjust the colors using the color wheel, to create the effect that you want.

– You can save the image as a file and create a new folder and load the images, and also create the impression that your desktop is in a folder.

– You can use the program as a graphics color 384a16bd22

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Qt Creator is a cross-platform utility that works through an integrated development environment (IDE) for helping developers create applications for desktop and mobile device platforms. Advanced editor with support for QML and C++. Although it comes packed with a multitude of dedicated parameters, it sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to set up a new project by using the step-by-step approach, which comes in handy especially for rookies as they are offered assistance throughout the entire process. Qt Creator features several tools designed to help you customize the layout of the programs that you are creating and a built-in text editor that offers support for C++ and QML programming languages, syntax highlighting, as well as code completion and code syntax checking options. Integrated debuggers, visual editors for UI design, and other programming tools. What’s more, the program lets you build, run, and deploy QT applications for desktop environments and mobile devices, use the debugging mode for analyzing the state of applications (it integrates several debuggers, such as GNU Symbolic Debugger, Microsoft Console Debugger, and JavaScript), as well as design installation packages that can be published on different application stores and channels. When it comes to configuring the settings of a new project, you can select the type of the utility that you want to create (Qt Quick or HTML5 or Qt widgets), set the programming language, use a version control system, as well as design separate versions of the project files. Qt Creator comes packed with several tools for helping you write and edit code easier, as you can use the incremental and advanced search function, perform code refactoring operations in order to find and rename symbols, as well as configure the source code editor in terms of font, color, and indentation. Plus, the program comprises the Valgrind code analysis tool that enables users to identify possible errors and memory leaks, various build systems (qmake and CMake), command-line operations, keyboard shortcuts, and external tools. All in all, Qt Creator proves to be a reliable utility and one of the most powerful IDE for application developers. It provides a complete suite of tools and a straightforward layout that meet the requirements of rookies and professionals alike. KEYMACRO Download Qt Creator 3.2.1 now from Softpedia.

Qt Creator

Qt Creator is a cross-platform utility that works through an integrated development environment (IDE) for helping developers create applications for desktop and mobile device platforms. Advanced editor with support for QML and


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