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redammif: i dont have a problem with a metal band doing a cover of a pop song that changes some of the lyrics. that should be acceptable. i think what you described is unfair to fans. why should they be forced to listen to an artist say that they are doing “gore metal” when they are not? for instance, i listened to blasphemy, and it was a great experience for me because i had no idea what to expect. i think i will look into epica. i can see a lot of value in this style.

these files contain, respectively, the dsa or rsa key material for the sshv2 protocol. the files sks, id_rsa, id_dsa, and id_dsa.pubare created when ssh-keygen is run. these files should not be readable by anyone but the user. it is possible to specify a passphrase when generating the key; that passphrase is used to encrypt the private part of the file using 3des.

on the method form, we specify an area of our filesystem to be monitored for modifications. each specified area must be completely contained in a single filesystem. the location to be monitored is specified via two parameters:

if you are downloading the keygen tool from a website or a url, rather than downloading from the installation disc, you must be careful to make sure that you are downloading the correct version. even if you are downloading from the installation disc, make sure that you are downloading the file ‘keygen.exe‘. if the file ‘keygen.exe‘ is not found, it is impossible to install the keygen tool.

in order to know whether the device is usb 1.0 or usb 2.0, a vendor id of 0x04b8 and a product id of 0x0201 should be checked. if they are not present, the usb 1.1 specification was published in july 1998.
if the standard is not usb 2.0/1.1 and the interface is not a low-speed usb interface, a vendor id of 0x0403 and a product id of 0x200b should be checked. if they are not present, the usb 2.1 specification was published in july 1998.
the one track that i cant seem to get my head around is the last part of the record where da starts re-interpreting some of his own words and phrases from previous albums in a slightly different context. i dont know how i feel about the idea of him doing that. in a sense he is just re-working the same thing he did before. he is still playing the same instrument. he isnt really musically doing anything different to the music he created before.
what makes the ‘2 of 4’ part of ‘the waking’ interesting is that he isnt really playing so much for himself, but with the listener, who is really only there to track da on the drums. she is a real-time participant and collaborator. there is no 20/20 hindsight mentality when da is playing, as if he is only following his own musical path and knows exactly what needs to be done and what will satisfy his artistic intentions. he is only playing for her, not himself. her comments are almost an encore feature of what he is doing. theres only one interesting thing in that context that i cant help but think of. this is the use of the phrase “frenetic beats” in the phrase ‘all we are is freshly laundered”. the first time i heard that phrase i thought of stark naked percussionists. now its just a way of saying frenetic. and really that frenetic beats of his great drummers of old have now gone, replaced by this frenetic lass.

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