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Graphene is shown to be a versatile material for engineering one-dimensional materials for classical optical vortex fields. In particular, we demonstrate that various types of core-waveguide configurations based on dispersionless intrinsic waveguides can be selectively addressed by optical beams carrying a vortex phase distribution. Guided modes in individual structures are also found to exhibit a linear, nonparabolic dispersion. The capability of graphene-based optical waveguides to accommodate vortex fields is further illustrated in more complex configurations. We experimentally demonstrate classical and quantum optical vortex propagation, and show that the nonlinear optical response of graphene can be used to manipulate and process vortex waves.The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a semiconductor apparatus having a semiconductor component and a chip carrier having electrically insulating parts and contact areas, the semiconductor component being applied to the chip carrier by melting and curing.
In an electronic apparatus, a multiplicity of semiconductor circuits are conventionally connected to one another in such a manner that they are capable of communicating with one another. This communication may take place by means of a transmission network and, if required, by means of a back-plane. The connections can in turn also be provided on the substrate surface. In such a case, the contact areas are provided thereon.
A high degree of component density is achieved when there are numerous contact areas between a chip carrier and the semiconductor component. However, in the production of a semiconductor component, the chip carrier is usually applied to the semiconductor component only after the semiconductor component has been fixed to the chip carrier. This is normally brought about by means of the soldering of the chip carrier to the semiconductor component, the chip carrier being applied to the semiconductor component by means of a vacuum process. The soldering of the chip carrier to the semiconductor component may occur at the same time as the application of the chip carrier to the semiconductor component. It is also possible to use the soldering technique as a separate manufacturing step. However, the soldering of the chip carrier to the semiconductor component is accompanied by a connection material which may impair the bond.


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