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Kohram Movie 720p

sahir khan plays veerpatel, who was once an agent of the isi in pakistan, but now that he has left that network and become a raw agent, he is a kashmiri separatist. veerpatel sells arms to pawan kumar (kohram) and tries to kill aasha (rajshree) but she becomes an unwilling accomplice in the operation. vijay, at this point, has just become a raw agent after one of his own officers tried to kill him.

this is an odd film. the roles of veerpatel, roy, pawan kumar and bhaskar (aasha’s brother), in the main plot, are assigned to hrithik roshan, amitabh bachchan, shakti kapoor and akshay kumar, respectively. most of the secondary characters are played by nana patekar, kareena kapoor and arjit pareek, respectively. in fact, vijay is played as a kind of mash-up of a new poster boy for the nation: akshay kumar (who plays krishna) and roshan (who plays veerpatel).

in this comic film, a gardener named tipu (nana patekar) lives with his mother, an old dharmi (woman who lives for god) named girija (shri vallabh vyas) and a retired guru named kumkum (padma vasudev). soon, tipu falls in love with the beautiful girl zeenat (amitabh bachchan). when it comes to marriage, however, he encounters a lot of trouble as his mother does not want her to get married outside of her caste. add to this tipu’s struggles in his career, which is cut short by the accidental death of his former professor (satish kaul). tipus seeks solace in the company of his guru, and together they trace the footsteps of the two lovers.

the fact that kohram has managed to survive as bollywood’s cultural totem, and is still touted as an example of a director’s ‘humanist’ work, is a tribute to the film’s one virtue, and that is its paucity of pretension. when mehul kumar asserts that ‘the film has been shot with the simplest of techniques, the simplest of equipment’, he isn’t being facetious. it takes a certain level of cynical swagger to make the claim that a film is the “story of the poor”, but when you consider that kohram is at least the eighth film kumar has directed that is widely sold as such, it’s hard to deny that he’s being sincere.
kohram opens with the jat community of the region declaring that they will no longer work, which would mean the ruin of the local economic hub. we then meet a young girl, pooja (neelam), who is pulled from her home in the dead of night and taken to the jat community where she’s brought up by her grandfather, the local head priest. she’s well-versed in jat customs, and one of her early tasks is to bring the village’s daily quota of milk to the priest, who then blesses it with a short prayer and blesses it, before drinking it himself.
consider kohram’s then-director a.l. vijay. not only did he direct kohram, he was the singer-composer for the first two tracks of the movie, kohram saathiya and churian. he even composed and sang the movie’s title song. two of the nine songs in kohram are by vijay. many of the other songs are by pritam, sajid-wajid, sukhwinder singh, sumit kaul, etc. so why did mehul kumar pick him?


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