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FREE PowerPoint Templates: Website Graphics and Presentation Templates.

Super easy. The easy way to create professional quality PDF files. Create professional print friendly documents. is a web application and is free to use and always will be.

Excellent software. Functionality is outstanding, easy to use, and fast. This is a great tool if you need to scan in your document quickly.
It’s the most robust print to PDF scaner for Windows XP. Have the best luck using it as a scan+email tool, if that’s what you need. But for a quick and easy scan, it’s easy to use, with the ability to scan any folder of files.

Very useful software. Its a very nice interface.
It’s interface is very clean and simple.
It’s a very handy software.

Free PowerPoint Templates: Website Graphics and Presentation Templates.
( PCL5 )
PCL5 is an Open-Source Vector Graphics format developed for the World Wide Web. It is,
in principle, a subset of the PostScript language. PCL5 was chosen by the W3 Consortium to supplant the Portable Document Format (PDF) as the new standard for web page design. It uses a language for graphics and page layout that is easy for computers to understand.

Tutorials, help files, and more!

Impressive interface and simple to use. Mainly there’s just the ability to create a new project and have the software do the rest for you.
It worked great on XP. The tutorial was very well done. One of the few software interfaces that are actually easy to use.

Free Dynamic Web Page Builder – FreeFlash, FreeGraphic, FreeSlideshow

[ Macromedia Flash ]

[ Macromedia Flash ]

PCL5 is a painless way to save your designs for the web. It’s a must have for any professional web developer or designer.annualreport


The 2010 annual report of the Clinical Reference Lab at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson.

The annual reports were designed as a simple guide to understand the function of the CRL and


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