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[Errno 14] http request failed — HTTP Error 416: Requested range not satisfiable
Which I think is caused by not having https working right. But that’s a separate problem.

Effect of the carbonyl reductase/dehydrogenase inhibitor, 2-cyano-3,12-dioxooleana-1,9(11)-dien-28-oic acid, on prostaglandin synthesis by vascular smooth muscle cells.
This study investigated the effect of the carbonyl reductase/dehydrogenase (CR/DH) inhibitor, 2-cyano-3,12-dioxooleana-1,9(11)-dien-28-oic acid (CDDO), on PGF2 alpha production by vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMC). Thymocyte-conditioned serum (TS) induced a 2.3-fold increase in PGF2 alpha production by quiescent VSMC. Inhibition of CR/DH by CDDO (20 microM) was associated with a 65% decrease in PGF2 alpha production by the VSMC, while the cyclooxygenase inhibitor, aspirin, had no effect on PGF2 alpha production by the VSMC. In contrast, CDDO did not inhibit thymocyte-conditioned serum (TS) stimulated PGE2 production by the VSMC. CDDO was also found to attenuate thymocyte-conditioned serum (TS) stimulated PGF2 alpha production by human saphenous vein SMC and by guinea-pig mesenteric artery SMC. Immunoblotting with either anti-CR or anti-DH polyclonal antibodies indicated that the CR and DH proteins were present in quiescent and TS-stimulated VSMC. Additionally, the CR enzyme was found to be predominantly localized in the plasma membrane of the VSMC, while the DH enzyme was more abundant in the cytosol. These results demonstrate that CDDO attenuates PGF2 alpha synthesis by thymocyte-stimulated VSMC by inhibiting CR/DH. This may, in part, explain the cardiovascular protective effects of CDDO.There are a few different options, but my first choice is a Stride, most likely wearing a flat horn (pictured below). The problem with the Stride is that it’s hard to see in good light (

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I do not understand what is wrong with the redirector of the redirector. I have used every method to create the XML file, but no matter what I do, I get redirected to and I receive a 404 error.
I am not sure where the problem is from so I hope someone can help me out.


I think it’s because you are giving your API key in your redirection URL. Try looking at this:


and remove the API key from there.


having trouble understanding mod_rewrite

That’s what I want to show:

That’s what happens:

I’ve read other answers for this, but I can’t understand why the following doesn’t work. It’s just one line, the most basic.
RewriteRule (.*) / [R]


You need to escape the slash / since it is a regex delimiter, as well as prevent a redirect loop:
RewriteRule ^(.*) [R]

This is because the first rewrite rule that matches will end up redirecting the original URL to and the second rule will redirect the requested URL back to the original URL.

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Video cameras have captured a magnificent kaleidoscope of the 2018-2019 Blue Jays campaign.

For a team that has just been written off as dead in October, there sure is a lot of life in this unassuming ballpark. An overcast Saturday afternoon in Dunedin offered a reminder that the Jays have another scheduled series at Toronto’s Rogers Centre to come.


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