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there are two complete line sets in this zip-file. these line sets can be found in the ls models issue 16.

two m222s are built, one for g1c-teardown and one for m10-teardown. they differ by the colour of the barrel. both have a muzzle brake.

every g1c-teardown has 100 oal and 9mm grip rails. every one of the m222 m10-teardowns have 1.5mm thicker barrel without breech lock, 16mm longer grip rails and a charging handle.

you are allowed to use the projectiles for your own purposes, but not for selling.

good luck!

#/***************************************************************/ #/* */ #/* filename: ls-magazine-ls-models-16-complete-sets-no.password.txt */ #/* author : ulf kiebel */ #/* fileversion : 1.9 */ #/* description : complete line sets of g1c, m10 and m222 */ #/* with no.

a complete box set of the most popular and successful german designed tank, the panzer 1/2/3 (kranz) to panzer iv/v/viv/vim the most popular.the first model in this box set is the t-34-t-34 from the kranz company series. this is a replica of the famous light tank t-34, the first version of the t-34 series developed by the kranz company. panzer 1/2/3 kranz company series was developed from 1927 on the basis of the t-34 light tank. the next panzer 4/viv/vim and the panzer ii/iii/iv developed on the basis of the kranz design. the chassis of all the panzer tanks was armed with a 75mm l/47 gun, and its power plant was a daimler truck engine, which allowed them to go 45 km / h for 1.5 hours. it was a very complicated gun system for the tank even by the standards of the time. only after testing the tank was built the series of testing shot and was not until 1934. this is the only kranz design, which was not developed entirely by the new company, but continued the original equipment of the kranz company. it is very interesting to compare to the original t-34. the most obvious and different is the new turret in the form of a cramped and cruel. once again, instead of a driving compartment in the direction of the commander, there is a sloped staircase, after which there is a platform with a hatch. but the turret is designed for low speed and traveling in narrow straits, it is not suitable for traveling on wide rural roads. the model also has a simple machine gun that is designed to fire from the front of the barrel and has an elevation of 25-35 degrees. the model turret is equipped with a co-axial 7.92mm machine gun. the price of this set does not exceed 300 rubles and is therefore quite useful for collectors. in terms of the plates, the model is very detailed, including the most important elements. the model is painted in a variety of colors, and the details are very well done. note the position of the wheels, and the small details of the exterior and interior. very interesting! when the truck is crawling on the road in the series of pictures, you can not see the initial area, but to the interior of the vehicle. the model is made of abs plastic, the model has very little defects and is very dynamic. in the second box set of panzer models the same general characteristics: a separate model the t-34-tank, the appearance of the set is very impressive, but the figure is original, and the price of the set is not so high, so the second set of models is desirable for the owner of a collection. price box set (incl. box, manual): 1,200 rubles (7 dollars). publisher: ministry of war in russia model and scale: 1:35 model type: diorama. the figures are stored in their own separate box, mounted on a base. base diameter: 300mm: dimensions (in mm): 170x110x140 (ht) (in the original the numbers are specified in the specific version of the collection, for example 168×99.

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