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the 82d airborne division had several other remarkable heroes that earned the medal of honor.

  • the 72nd regimental combat team – 82d airborne division
  • the 24th infantry division (mechanized) – 82d airborne division
  • the 101st airborne division – 82d airborne division
  • the 82d airborne division – north atlantic treaty organization

the 82d airborne division was deployed to the balkans, the mediterranean theater of operations, and the southwest asia theater of operations. in 1998, the 82d airborne division was awarded the valorous unit award for its action in kosovo, a major campaign of military operations other than war.
the 2nd brigade combat team was deployed to afghanistan in support of operation enduring freedom (oef) from 2003-08. the battalions were individually recognized for their actions during operation enduring freedom. attaining the wartime equivalent of a double dsc, each battalion was credited with a number of valorous or meritorious unit commendations and numerous bronze stars for valor. during the entire period of oef operation in afghanistan, no 2d brigade combat team had suffered a single casualty. team sergeant bobby l. scott was awarded the medal of honor for his actions on 25 february 2005, where he selflessly risked himself by going back into enemy territory in the wake of an intense firefight to rescue a fellow soldier who had been wounded. several days later, scott learned that he had been awarded the medal of honor. immediately on learning the news, he proclaimed his intent to fight for the nation once again.
in 2010, the 2nd brigade combat team (bct) deployed to afghanistan as part of the i marine expeditionary force. while assigned to operation new dawn, the bct participated in numerous operations throughout the country during 2010 and 2011. a sergeant 1st class within 2nd bct was awarded the medal of honor for his actions on 13 october 2010, during operation moshtarak.

this patch was made to allow our users to play the english lang’s campaign in the version 1.0 of the game. we will patch all the english campaigns by the release of the game in february 2014 and you won’t have to patch the game again.
i am pushing the airborne forces patch to pc and xboxone via i will be releasing the link to it in the next day or two, so i can share with you the future activation link which would need to be installed to activate the service on your account. there will be no need for any redeem codes, but just a simple activation link which will need to be installed on your account. you will get a message in your mailbox to review the activation instructions and you can proceed to follow the steps on how to download the update.
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