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You are trapped inside a house. You have no weapons, but one sound can be heard at every point. The time is not known exactly, but in the evening. In the lonely house, in which you are, everything can be done unexpectedly. It is necessary to come out from the house – and the world.

Game Features
Three locations – lonely house, sewers, and hospital
One of six monsters to choose from
Thick atmosphere of horror
About The Game

It follows you:

You are trapped inside a house. You have no weapons, but one sound can be heard at every point. The time is not known exactly, but in the evening. In the lonely house, in which you are, everything can be done unexpectedly. It is necessary to come out from the house – and the world.On the shortlist of out-and-out horror movie hits of last year were You’re Next (2010), The Last Exorcism (2010), The Last Broadcast (2011), and The Devil Inside (2011). Now, Imagine Entertainment brings us a sequel to one of the movies on that list, The Last Exorcism Part II (2011), and it could be headed to a theatrical release this summer.

Deadline reports that, “with a script by John Skow and Cynthia Mort, Imagine Entertainment and Peter Fruhwirth are currently deep in conversations with Paramount to transfer the sequel to the big screen.”

In The Last Exorcism Part II, “eight years after the original ending, some of the characters are in crisis.”

“The original The Last Exorcism, which has been described as a throwback to the splatter pictures of the 1970s, was a surprise indie success, grossing more than $63 million worldwide.

“The film, directed by Daniel Stamm, starred Patrick Fabian as a successful family doctor who turns to ministering to the souls in Purgatory with the help of his father-in-law (played by Dominic Bellamy).

“The New York Times described it as ‘the kind of movie that has enough blood, gore and emotional heft to make a grown man or woman cry.’”

The story is reportedly being developed into a TV series at TNT, which will focus on the larger story of people who fall under a demonic attack. I’m betting that story would have more flare than that



  • [0] Play as a Hotel Worker who can choose his own path – Unique Features in the game, makes it a little bit different from other point and click games.
  • [1] Experience the vast mystery adventure world.
  • [2] An interactive adventure with lots of interesting puzzles.
  • [3] The atmosphere of the movie will also not be missed.
  • [4] Based on the movie.
  • [5] 1 chapter released.
  • [6] Created by Junio C Hamano.
  • Features

    • [0] Direct Survival
    • [1] Interactive game mechanism for this game.
    • [2] Lots of surreal clues and interesting puzzles.
    • [3] Extras: While dying, you can choose some interview to save.
    • [4] Own Choice Feature enables you to play it as you’d like to do.
    • [5] By using the.BAT to open the document.
    • [6] In-game instruction mode.
    • [7] Manager’s Room to manage the progress and save the game.
    • [8] 1 chapter released.
    • [9] Every chapter to fully cover the timeline and interact with the characters.
    • [10] With the 3D locations of the movie. There are also the models of the characters and the items near the characters.
    • [11] The fonts used are only for PC version. For Android systems, it should be run in Droid Video Defense Beta.
    • [12] Download only for PC or laptop.
    • [13] If you want to run it, you are required to hold two buttons.
    • [14] The resolution of the game is 1900 x 662.
    • [15] Content: Meet Philip Swallow, a famous theater director. What for? The enigmatic case of the ripped-out eyes in the museum in Rome?
    • [16] Die With Glory is a point and click adventure game. Using the mouse to


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