MOBAC TileStore Utility Crack + For Windows [Updated]

MOBAC TileStore utility Cracked Accounts is a program that can be used to manipulate your tile store. You can copy your source tile store to another location, extract the tiles, delete the tiles, print the tile metadata and much more.
MOBAC TileStore utility Serial Key Usage:
When you first launch the program, you will be asked to choose a source tile store and an output folder. Then click “Copy to” to select the tile store to copy from. After that you will be asked to select an output folder. When you click “Next”, you will be asked to choose the tile types to copy. You can also uncheck the boxes next to the tile types you do not want to copy. Click “Next” and you are done.
MOBAC TileStore utility Crack – C:\
MOBAC TileStore utility For Windows 10 Crack – C:\
To have your program work you need to place the Mobile_Atlas_Creator.jar file in the same directory as ts-util.jar.
MOBAC TileStore Utility – C:\Download\

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MOBAC TileStore Utility Crack+


% java -jar tile-store-util.jar [-f {folder}] {tilestore-id}
-jar {file-name}

Tiled Image Maps Example Usage:
– Run ts-util.jar on a source directory:
% java -jar tile-store-util.jar -f source_directory {tilestore-id}
– Run ts-util.jar on a target directory:
% java -jar tile-store-util.jar -f target_directory {tilestore-id}

-f {folder}

Define the folder into which the copied tile store will be copied. If this parameter is not specified, the tiles in the store will be moved to the root directory (by default).
-jar {file-name}

The Java archive file that contains the main class.

% java -jar tile-store-util.jar

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MOBAC TileStore Utility Torrent [Updated-2022]

MOBAC TileStore utility is a lightweight application that you can use to handle tiles in the tile store of Mobile Atlas Creator.
The application can easily copy the tiles from a store in the source directory to another tile store, in the output folder. Also, it can be used for extracting and deleting tiles, as well as print the tile metadata.
Note: In order to make the application work, you need to place the Mobile_Atlas_Creator.jar file in the same directory as ts-util.jar.
MOBAC TileStore util [/save:] [/move:] [options] [storeName-fileName]
-h, -help Show this help.
-s, -sourceDir Specify the source directory. Default: srcdir/
-o, -outputDir Specify the output directory. Default: workdir/
-c, -copyright Specify the copyright file path. Default: Copyright.txt
-t, -tiles Specify the tile directory. Default: Tiles/
-x, -extract Extract the tiles from the tile store.
-d, -delete Delete the tiles from the tile store.
-m, -move

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System Requirements For MOBAC TileStore Utility:

Windows 7 or later.
1.4 GHz Intel Dual Core processor
256 MB of Ram
Hard Drive 8 GB
DirectX 9.0c
HDD space
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