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– 1. Send the BAL as a sms to 07086168888 using the registered line. 2. You can get 1000 rubles for it. 3. If this condition is met, an amount of 300 rubles will be deducted from your account. 4. BAL will be transferred in 10 minutes after receiving the SMS. 5. You can transfer this SMS to another person. 6. The validity period of the BAL is limited. 7. The BAL cannot be transferred to another person, it can only be used by you. 8. A BAL can only be used to make purchases. 9. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction. 10.


Foxmail is a product created by Fox-IT that claims to provide the privacy and simplicity of standard e-mail applications with the speed and reliability of modern web mail clients.

The program has grown substantially, and today is one of the most advanced and stable e-mail clients, and one of the most popular Windows users.

The main advantage of Foxmail is that it does not use a browser like other e-mail applications and can deliver messages to the hard disk of the computer, making it more secure.

Foxmail uses the standard POP/IMAP protocol and not the proprietary SMTP/POP3 protocol that some other e-mail programs use.

Typically e-mail clients are the same system files and applications that are used to download and install the operating system, and they can be quite heavy.

Since Foxmail is a single application, it is much lighter and has a faster startup time, so it can be considered a perfect alternative for Windows XP users.

Foxmail also has an uninstaller to remove it from your hard disk.


In addition to all the features offered by other e-mail programs, it also includes:

The ability to manage individual folders or to create shared folders with other users.

A built-in browser that supports images and can convert e-mail attachments into HTML format.

The ability to insert and delete new e-mail messages.

Spam control to send messages to a category, so that all the spam messages are directed to a single folder.

The option to work with all accounts simultaneously, or to manage and read each account separately.

The system maintains several accounts and backups in case of system errors.

Foxmail offers three different windows to view and manage your e-mail account:

Messages list: here you can view the list of all received e-mails, or only the e-mails you have not yet read.

Account list: this window shows all available accounts and allows you to delete messages and folders or create new ones.

Drafts: this window shows all the drafts stored in the program.

The user can manage the various windows that appear when you click on the main window.

Foxmail offers two panels to manage the e-mail account with ease.


On the left of the main window, you have the search panel where you can search for a single word,

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