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“100 days” reading campaign to be conducted in 1,201 towns throughout the country in the month of April

One of the key components of the “100 days” campaign is to promote the joy of reading. To encourage and ensure that every child is involved in the campaign, the Central Institute for Education and Training has developed the “100 days reading competition” in a nationwide competition. It is being held in 1,201 towns throughout the country in the month of April (April 1 to April 100) in the form of a nationwide contest. In this, 100 children will be chosen from each state and will be given the title of State Reading Champions, they will be given the opportunity to visit Delhi and other cities for a reading competition. They will also be invited to be a part of the ‘National Reading Competition’.

30 languages in the competition

The English language is the flagship of the competition and all the states are to introduce the competition in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Urdu, Bengali, Kannada and Oriya. To encourage participation, all the languages are to be made part of a competition in all the states.

Language coordinator

In every state, the Director of the institute has been entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating the campaign. The Director of each institute is responsible for conducting a training session for about 100 volunteers and officials of the institute. Volunteers are then appointed as Language Coordinators for their respective languages. These Language Coordinators will be responsible for organizing and conducting the reading classes for all the children across the state.


The first official event of the campaign took place on January 4, 2016 at the Central Institute for Education and Training, New Delhi. In the opening ceremony, the Director of the institute, Prof. K.V. Anna Nagar, on behalf of the Central Institute for Education and Training, congratulated the Indian Institute of Mass Communication for initiating this project. In this competition, among the 100 contestants from the various states, only 30 will be selected as Readers. These Readers are expected to read in public in all the states and each of the state will participate in the final competition of the reading campaign in April.

In addition to the readers, there will be experts who will assist the readers to conduct the competition. These experts will include experienced Readers, language experts, teachers and also college/university professors who will be involved in conducting the competition.

National reading competition

The purpose of the National reading competition is to promote the joy of reading and reading habits in children. The national reading competition is being organized in two categories – general and special. To encourage participation, all the states are to introduce the competition in all the languages. Students will be able to participate in the “state level” competition as well as in the national level competition.

The Government of India, in collaboration!EXCLUSIVE!

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