There are many applications that you could use in order to enjoy your hobbies. One of them is my editor. It's a neat software solution that helps you make adjustments to embroidery models and their designs.
You can view your designs with actual tread colors, make changes and add information in them.
Simple and fluent graphical interface
The program installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with multiple tools and features at hand. It comes with some editing tools, you can change the window layout, the monitor width and enable automatic panning if you want.
It comes with all sort of tips and instructions so you can get accustomed to the application faster.
Make adjustments to embroidery models
It includes extra browsing and saving capabilities, and tools for better production and material management. You can import designs inside the application, in order to find the design you are looking for you have to specify its position.
It comes with multiple viewing options, you can zoom in/out on your designs. It comes with the option to use the object editing mode for making changes to files and you can view the embroidery design in 3D preview.
You can transform the designs, re-order them and merge or split them. You can use undo or redo options, adjust the scale of your model and use sequin options.
Some more features and tools
You can see the stitches of the current design. You can make as many adjustments as you want on the stitches and create the embroidery design that will be embroidered exactly in the way you want.
You can select, move, add, remove or divide stitches. You have the ability to replace a single stitch point or multiple selection of stitch points. All in all, my editor is a very useful application that you could use in order to work on your embroidery models and make all sort of changes to them.









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This software is designed to make all the adjustments you need for embroidery designs.
It allows you to:
•Edit designs or files as needed for best results on any size machine.
•Resize designs for embroidery without sacrificing quality.
•Change threads, color density and length of embroidery without sacrificing quality.
•Add, remove, move or change the position of designs or files, even if they are already created in the software.
•Change embroidery design colors, materials and patterns and adjust thread colors as desired.
•Split and merge designs, stitch by stitch, to easily import different design parts into one embroidery.
•Use my editor and make adjustments to your designs in 3D with pre- and post- scan support.
•Resize designs to any size you need, including computer memory requirements, and without losing quality.
•Embroidery designs on nearly any size of material you need, including silk, felt, foil, plastic, leather, denim, fimo and glass.
•Adjust color and thread density for embroidery designs on any size.
•Display designs on a model as a solid color, color toned, color gradient, shaded, patterned or transparent.
•Use my editor to make adjustments to stitch by stitch, including:
Move stitches
Add stitches
Delete stitches
Edit stitch colors
Edit stitch length
Edit thread length
and more.
•Combine or split designs for even faster importing into embroidery.
•Use undo or redo to go back and forth, or perform separate editing steps, without losing edits already made.
•View and edit your designs in 3D
•Support for over 1,000 stitches, patterns, materials and emboidery files.
•Import designs from your own embroidery or embroidery files created in other software.
•Automatic thread trimming.
•Save designs to file in your own personal format.
•Organize your designs in a structure that is easy to use.
•Save designs to your hard drive and access them with the software.
•Make as many adjustments as you need to make to the embroidery design to get it looking just right.
•Choose from a variety of styles of thread trims to get the right look.
•Update design as needed and export finished designs to your embroidery machine.
•Apply one or many designs to a single area

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The application is developed by the Brugge/Dutch company, Econion.
It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and it’s available in the store.
The application has over 100.000 users and it seems to be loved by them.
The application offers basic features, but it has some extra features that make it a very powerful solution for you.
Basic Features:
– Embroidery designs, view and share
– Quickly transform your design
– Free maintenance and fixes
– Embroidery model preview
– Image gallery and creation
– Search and navigation
– Export to Excel
– Printing and sending designs
– Share designs on social media
Advanced Features:
– Convert designs to other formats: PSP, SVG, PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, AI, EPS and DWG.
– Convert designs to other embroidery formats: 2D/4D, FDM, OTG, MOI, DTF, JP2, JEF, JPEG, RIL, BFA and PDF.
– Manual embroidery designs conversion: Embroidery design import and conversion for: AIDA, Buddy, Hoss, SE-01, SE-20, SE-03 and SE-07.
– Design management: Organize your embroidery designs with multilevel hierarchy.
– Multiple file support: Each file contains a row of stitches.
– Automatic file naming: A valid file name is automatically generated.
– Multiple thread types: You can add or remove thread in a design.
– Instant Preview: You can see a preview of your design right after a change has been made.
– Import designs from Bead Studio 3D and Inspiration.
– Export to Bead Studio 3D and Inspiration.
– Export to Windows 10.
– Export to Excel.
– Import to Excel.
– Sizing: View the design on a variety of monitors.
– Embroidery designs as stickers: You can make your designs in large format and apply them to products of all sizes.
– Print: Print your designs or generate and print them.
– Design history: Keep track of all changes in a design.
– Export to PDF/JPG.
– Export to Bead Studio 3D.
– Import to Bead Studio 3D.
– Add comments to stitches.
– Embroidery design document sharing: Share designs and comments with

What’s New in the?

This is an application that helps you design beautiful embroidered textiles. You can see the embroidery design on the monitor with different colors of the stitches and you can control each of them individually. You can import designs, manage the different embroidery materials and make adjustments to them.
It also includes the tools for stitching the files and you can see a 3D preview of your work. It includes the options for stitching files, editing the threading, stitching settings and you can manage the threading thread count.
It comes with advanced tools for managing the colors of your files. You can use the canvas of the embroidery designs, add special effects, use color palettes and make text or threading adjustments.
You can stitch your files as many times as you want and you can include lots of designs in your stitching. You can use the oem design tools, create your own designs and make adjustments to them, and manage the embroidery process.

Embroidery design editor is a specialized software for those who are in love with embroidery designs and love to create them. It includes a wide range of tools and features to help you create and work with embroidery design files.
Make adjustments to embroidery designs
You can view the embroidery designs on the monitor, choose the thread color, fill the design, move the design and make adjustments to it. You can use multiple options like oem and stitch designer to help you edit embroidery designs faster.
You can view the embroidery design in 3D preview. It comes with all sorts of stitching options and you can select stitching options according to thread color or material type.
You can add a wide range of advanced stitching tools for making changes to your embroidery design. You can make adjustments to stitch options, change thread colors, add special effects to your design and use options for filling the design.
You can set the stitching and threading length and width, make the thread and area selection, and view the design in 3D. You can resize the design, change the scale and type of the design in order to stitch it in the way that you want.
This software will help you design beautiful embroidery designs, make changes to them and work on them with ease. It’s a nice software for those who are in love with embroidery designs and want to work on them.

Design your embroidered items like never before with Esepr.
You can use this software to create a wide range of embroidery designs, including:
– Buttonhole
– Button
– Chain
– Chain Stitch
– Cross Stitch
– Diamond
– Eyelet
– Filet Stitch
– Fusible appliqué
– Knit Stitch
– Leaflet
– Lined Stitch
– Lining Stitch
– L[portable-download-filmywap-2015×480-apk-full-indir-new

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX: 9.0
Processor: Intel Pentium 4.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Processor: Processor core

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