Nada Dering Blackberry Telepon [CRACKED]


Nada Dering Blackberry Telepon

How would a person with something to confess to his/her priest ever be able to read a post on this blog? How would the private confession of someone suffering from having a high IQ/awesome social life with a lost job, ever end up in this blog?

CONFESSION: I have been a member for a few years, but always used to comment on other blogs that are a lot more interesting than this one. This blog seemed to be the place the clear conscience could be washed clean. I never took part in the comments so far but always liked the “peace and love” spirit of this place. Until recently.

Now you are not only showing people the way they can confuse and control their flock by reading comments here, but YOU read those comments and reply to them. This leaves me looking at the top of this post as if I am in The Hague.

You change the search boxes on the main page to reveal more of the interweb, which turns out to be the most despicable person on the interwebs.

YOU don’t even say my name, just a generic “Anonymous” (which is basically a name I have never been associated with by the way).

If I was an Orthodox priest this would be the most offensive and presumptuous act I have ever heard of.

And I don’t usually get too up in arms about inappropriate behavior on the Internet, but I’m beginning to feel this is too much.

Again “Anonymous” does not even have the courtesy to address you as “Father”.

Once again “Anonymous” cannot even believe that someone can live a life of crime and is so low to point out the obvious: that she/he is still living that crime, that has no contact with any of the family and has no intention of changing.

In fairness, we’re not talking about a confession made by one who is already an Orthodox priest.

Thank you for a text that is so well-written that I kept reading even though I actually skipped it.

I don’t have to be a priest or a theologian to have faith in the mysteries.

I have seen lost children find their way back to their parents and former understanding.

I have seen a father and mother who were divorced but stayed friendly and never caused any doubt their little girl.

I have witnessed good things happen to people who had a ‘broken heart’ or depression that only God could possibly ever heal.

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