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Nickelback – Discography (1996-2012)

Discography, 1996-2012, by Nickelback, released in 2012. Recordings by Metal Blade, original discs’ label
Nickelback, 1981-2013. Discography. It has 4 albums, 9 singles, and 10 music videos.

Nickelback discography

Nickelback discography (1996-2012)

Nickelback discography (1996-2012) (deluxe edition)

Nickelback discography (2013)

Nickleback discography (2015)

Nickelback discography (2016)

Nickelback discography (2017)

Discography (1997–present)

Other versions

Some versions of the Nickleback discography may have a different tracklist or may use different, bonus tracks.


Studio albums

Compilation albums

Extended plays


A^ “Rock Star” and “Man in the Moon” were simultaneously released as a double A-side single in 1998.

Music videos


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Category:Rock music group discographiesFun at Fun Fest: Friday – Saturday

8:00 pm CST, Friday, March 20, 2015

Saturday’s fun

Katelyn Cephus

March 20th, 2015

With a heavy emphasis on authenticity, the new theme for this year’s Fun Fest is “Bayou Juke Joint.” It seems to be every festival in the region and beyond is doing something along the lines of this. I like what the Bayou Juke Joints are doing, and I hope they have lots of fun.

At the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim’s Fun Fest, there will be 300 area musicians performing in the concert’s late afternoon and evening sessions. This is the same format as we have had for years now. I like this format, because you get a huge variety of music, and you don’t have to drive all over the pond to get to different stages. It’s done to your liking or preference.

One of the wonderful things about the Fun Fest is that you don’t need to have an Attending or Vendor badge. You can just come and listen to the music. However, you can purchase a badge for $35. And make sure you


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