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Unable to find build_config.json file on Google Cloud Function

I’ve been trying to run the following function on Google Cloud Functions, but it’s failing as it can’t find a file that I’ve definitely created on Google Cloud Storage:
def main(req: httputil.ClientRequest) -> None:
import json
c = json.loads(json.dumps(req.body).encode())
response = None
print(f”request {c}”)
response = json.dumps(c, sort_keys=True, indent=4)
request_body = json.loads(response.encode())
print(f”response {request_body}”)

return {‘status’: ‘failure’,
‘body’: ‘*MODIFIED*’,
‘reason’: ‘Build failed: Unable to find build_config.json file’}

I’m able to run the function successfully when requesting the json files in the root of my Google Cloud Storage bucket.
At this point, I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions?


Build configuration path is built to a location in the GCS bucket, which is build based on the trigger name of your function. So this path might be user-defined.
Trigger and Cloud Build integration is currently in Beta and here is a documentation about it:

I finally had some time to mess around with making a pajama tutorial. I think this is probably one of the more successful ones, and I made a version of a popular Youtube dress tutorial (which I made earlier).

I have gotten so good at making a perfectly fitted (or at least approximately so) skirt out of solid fabric, but my favorite parts of this dress are the ruffles.

One thing I like to do is to cut the ruffle pieces in half and then stitch the two halves together in a wave pattern. I find that it helps to not move the fabric while I sew, as it allows the fabric to relax over the sewing needle.

I am also really pleased with

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