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You can use Photoshop with a blank canvas—that is, an empty canvas or board where you can draw on the image, as you would in a paint program. However, you may find it easier to use layers.

In this chapter, I show you how to use Photoshop CS5—a significant improvement over previous versions of Photoshop. Although Photoshop CS5 was introduced in 2009, I show you a lot of tricks to getting the most out of it.

The image editing and composition program, among its many features, offers tools to retouch, combine, and distort two or more images into a new image and enable you to create layers and a workspace.

Review the tools in Figure 12-1. You’ll notice that there is no palette. Instead, Photoshop CS5 offers you the opportunity to use tools, call up dialog boxes, and do arithmetic as you work in the image itself.

**Figure 12-1:** Find tools to manipulate or retouch images as well as to create your own tools.

To access the tools that I discuss in this chapter, click Tools on the tools bar. The most recent image adjustment tool is found under the Adjustments panel. The top two options in the Adjustments panel are Hand and Move. Use these options to access the tools you see in the figure.

Getting to know the tools in Photoshop

Photoshop CS5 uses a large collection of tools to enable you to make changes, manipulate images, and do photo retouching.

To access the tools, choose Tools⇒Toolbox⇒Photoshop on the left side of the window, or simply double-click the Tools icon on the workspace toolbar to pop up the toolbox, shown in Figure 12-2. Note that there’s also a toolbox at the bottom of the workspace window. To access it, click the button at the bottom of the window to add the toolbox.

With a double-click on the workspace toolbar, you can also open a dialog box or menu instead of a toolbox.

**Figure 12-2:** Select tools on the toolbox or workspace toolbar.

The tools on this toolbar work in the following ways:

Adjustments: Click this tool to open the Adjustments palette, shown in Figure 12-3. Use the Adjustments panel to make changes to an image, and then return to the image workspace by clicking the back arrow on the toolbar.

You’ll find

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Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program that allows you to make professional graphics, photography, web design, and tutorials. It is available for Windows (starting at $19.99), Mac (starting at $49.99), and ChromeOS (starting at $49.99). provides information about how you can use Htaccess to make your site secure.

Imbuech is a modern blogging platform, built for photography, design and discovery. Host your photographs, share them, discover theirs, and comment on them.

A fast, free, and easy-to-use image editor that provides an incredible array of editing features. Includes spot healing, layers, spot and layer effects, image adjustment layers, and retouching. No expensive subscription is necessary.

Image Filters is the free online photo editor that helps you make any photo, sketch, or art look beautiful. Add filters that you choose to your photo and enjoy the awesome results! Filter effects include emboss, glow, mosaic, pixelate, pattern, monochrome and more.

Mots Creative is a free photo editor online. You can edit photos, create beautiful collages, or add vignettes, frames, starbursts, and other special effects to your images. There is even a cool border stencil feature.

My Pic Morphing is a fun photo editor that lets you create your own morphing art, share it via Facebook or Twitter, or upload to Photopin or photobucket. More than 200 filters are included, so there is always a cool, new effect to apply.

Picture Master is a free online photo editor. It’s simple to use, with cool features that will allow you to make any photo look even better. The interface is clean and modern, and you can use the web-based editor or desktop version, which can be downloaded for Mac or Windows.

Qualifier is a powerful online photo editor with over 200 filters, creative effects, and image editing tools. The interface is clear, clean, and easy to use.

URL Link Editor is a free web link editor. Simple to use, it lets you see, and edit, your web links. Just click, drag, drop, and copy. Put your links in your favorite web page, desktop, online publication, or even an e-book.

Web Image Editor is a web-based image editor that can make any image you

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