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Biological treatment is considered a great means of restoring the conjunctiva after pterygium surgery. However, this treatment requires the cutting of the sclera and the removal of the meniscus. Biologic treatment has numerous disadvantages. It is time consuming, requires a good healing process, and a minimal intervention causing significant discomfort. The use of autologous prolotherapy has been used since 1907 for many pathological conditions. Prolotherapy is a medical procedure in which the patient is injected with a biologic solution with the purpose of increasing the production of blood vessels and cells that are present in the damaged tissues.^[@B1],[@B2]^ This condition has been suggested to induce an increase in the supply of nutrients and consequently cell proliferation, cell migration, and the formation of new tissue.^[@B3],[@B4]^

We present a case of pterygium externa with a good prognosis after prolotherapy.

A 53-year-old white man was previously diagnosed with pterygium externa and with the grade 3 according to the pterygium severity classification. His visual acuity was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/30 in the left eye. The patient underwent trabeculectomy with mitomycin C in the right eye and in the left eye excision of the pterygium and nasal conjunctiva followed by mitomycin C. During the postoperative period, he was prescribed with corticosteroids and antibiotic ointment, and he presented at our ophthalmology consultation without any problems in the right eye. In the left eye, he had mild chemosis and erythema of the nasal part of the conjunctiva ([Figure 1

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Do you enjoy playing games with your friends? Do you have enough time to learn all there is to know about the game? If you answered ‘Yes’, then this is for you!
Find a friend to play with and Challenge mode is loaded with puzzle games, mini-games, arcade games, and more!

This is one of those rare games that was released only for PS2. For a chance to play it for free, you will have to download the game.

You will be able to play it directly from PSN.

Some great features include:

7 Player Multiplayer

Gods of the Underworld

Two player Battle Royale Mode

A mix of different difficulty levels

15 Challenging maps

3 Boss fights

This is truly a must have for everyone that likes retro arcade games!

No-Frills Demo Now Available for Xbox Live Gold Members!

NEW YORK — November 7, 2016 — When it comes to arcade action, there’s no greater authority than Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) program. Now, anyone who is a Gold member of Xbox Live can play one of XBLA’s best-known and most beloved franchises, Bomberman, for free.

For a limited time, anyone who has a Gold membership can download a free, playable demo of the game via Xbox Live or through the Xbox Live Arcade app on Windows 10. To unlock the demo, players must either download it through the Xbox Live app or from the Web site, or by accessing the demo through the Xbox Live account. To redeem a code, players will have to download the demo and enter the code found in the game’s description.

In addition to the free download, Xbox Live Gold members can also download Bombshell and five DLC packs at no cost:

Bonus In-Game Content

Bomberman will be available in both Story and Challenge modes. Story Mode will be fully playable from start to finish. Players who download the demo, however, can only experience Story Mode by playing through a pre-defined course made available through the Friends List. If the course is not in your friends’ list, they will be asked to invite you. Challenge Mode is already available via the game’s Downloadable Content (DLC) section, and will not be included in the demo.

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