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Prison Break Conspiracy Game Crack 42

prosecutors have long sought mandatory minimum sentences for “career offenders.” 1 under the mandatory minimum sentencing scheme, a defendant convicted of violating the controlled substances act faces (if an offender has more than one prior drug conviction) a sentencing range of ten to twenty years for a first conviction and twenty years to life for a second or subsequent conviction. the mandatory minimums are different for different drugs and drug types. for example, the mandatory minimum sentences for a first violation of any cocaine or methamphetamine offense have a relatively long mandatory minimum (e.g., fifteen years) while those for a first conviction of an offense involving heroin or “ecstasy” have a relatively short mandatory minimum (e., five years). 2 the mandatory minimums apply to most controlled substances (listed in the statute) as well as to “one-third kilogram or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of phencyclidine (pcp).” 2 the statute also includes a “career offender” provision. 2

in 2010, congress passed the fair sentencing act to reduce the 100:1 ratio between crack and powder cocaine offenses, which was responsible for the large disparities in sentencing for cocaine offenses. the fair sentencing act reduced the crack cocaine penalty from life imprisonment to 40 years and required sentencing under the existing penalties for powder cocaine. the act also established a maximum sentence of life for a first conviction and thirty years for a second or subsequent conviction for any offense involving 100 grams or more of crack cocaine. 3


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