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• The NHL Scoreboard window has no borders, and you can move it to any position on the desktop.
• The widget keeps its location in the desktop, even if you move or close the application window in which it is displayed.
• The NHL Scoreboard window automatically refreshes when the game scores change.
• It can be hidden or shown on the desktop, and you can move it using your mouse.
• It uses only a few kilobytes of space on your computer.
• It works without manual configuration.
• NHL Scoreboard doesn’t cause your computer to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs.
• The widget doesn’t have any options or configuration settings of its own.
• NHL Scoreboard has a good response time to commands and works well.
• The application is very low-demanding when it comes to the CPU and memory.
• It is not updated.
• It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• The support is provided by a technical support staff.
• The support is delivered via the Software Help Desk and Remote Assistance.

KEYMACRO is a professional technical support tool.
It is very effective for large enterprises and enterprises with a large number of computers. The software has been designed to give quick and easy access to technical support staff for all the users in such companies.
Each technical support operation can be executed on the client’s computer from a remote computer.
Keymacro comes with a small service application that can be used for remote management of the clients. It consists of a workstation and a management module. The workstation can be set up in the field, the management module can be downloaded on it. All the clients of the company must be registered in the management module. This operation can be done from the central computer or a technical support workstation (the client computer is a client of this computer).
After that, the control module sends the client’s information and settings to the central computer, which updates the information about the clients stored in a database. If a client uses a support operation, the central computer initiates it. The workstation initiates the client’s connection to the network and redirects all his requests to the central computer.
When a request for support is received, the client is redirected to the control module, which sends the request to the technical support staff.
With the software, you can:
• Set up the workstation in the field;
• Install 384a16bd22

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Help you remember the passwords you have created for MSN, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
Use your own personal code or the administrator can select one of the many available common code lists.
With Password Reset Tool you can reset any password on the Internet
Supported Methods:
Admin will choose to have code list installed.

Donate in advance if you like an app or make a donation and have your name added to the credits for future apps.
If you get a crash or other bug report please email with a description of your issue along with the following:
Platform: iOS version you are running
iOS version you are using
Device Model (ex. iPad1, iPhone2 etc.)
Steps to recreate the issue:

Password not working
Cannot connect to MSN/Hotmail/Yahoo
Cannot connect to myLive






Last update


Password Revealer is a program that you can download from the Cydia Store for free. There are other apps that claim to be similar, but they are only half as good as the original. It was first released with jailbroken iOS devices in November 2010.

If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, read our tutorial on jailbreaking below.

Version history



Cydia Stash

New Versions


Passwords Revealer


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct. 31, 2011


Released Oct.вђ-we-bring-all-together-with-love/

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