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Text &
More features…

What can I do with this program?

Create dynamic questionnaires with multiple fields
Test exams out
Edit and run quizzes multiple times

What are the supported languages?

JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic, ActionScript, Ruby, HTML

How many questions do I have the ability to write?

From 1 to 999

Can I set different graphics for the questions?

Yes, you have the ability to apply multiple images to one question
You can put multiple background images on one question
You can ask up to 1,000 questions

Which colors can I choose for my questions?

You have the ability to choose text and background colors

Can I do the questionnaires for free?

Yes, the test can be created for free, with no time limit and other limitations. Please note that it will not have customizations and will need to be published on your site

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Textual authoring and Question Writer HTML5’s No-hassle Features

Button to begin, step-by-step instructions to get you started

Story-based learning mode and three types of lessons

Take up to three full-length practice quizzes before moving on to the test

Create a general or subject-based test that matches your requirements

Preview every question

Add a traditional or multiple-choice question

Set your quiz to be self-scoring

Preview and validate your work

Write up to 100 questions

Instructions for editing a question

Save a copy of the quiz into your computer or server for future use

Optional feedback enabled

Optional version to save money and time

Publish your test to the Web or email

Export as plain text, HTML, QTI, SCORM, and iBooks Widget file formats

Export as drag and drop to various websites

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UPDATED ON: Mar 17, 2013

SIZE 1,845,040

INSTALLATIONS: 100,000 – 500,000




This app has the following permissions:


Allows the app to adjust the color of your screen’s lighting.


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Question Writer HTML5 Software Screenshot:
key features of question writer html5



How to Make a Homework Help Application in Angular

How to Make a Homework Help Application in Angular

How to Make a Homework Help Application in Angular

In this video we will discuss how to make a homework help application using Angular. We do NOT use Angular CLI (I wanted to write a tutorial to this application and there was no CLI in Angular at that time). If you want to follow the tutorial you don’t need to install anything except a text editor! Please follow the steps carefully to have a smooth learning experience.
If you want to be a freelancer in Angular then you should master this language. The this is the final year project for our learning 2 years in Angular.
This video tutorial will teach you how to create a simple homework application before you begin. You will learn some basic, advanced, and special Angular features including forms, master-details, navigation, 401, and much more.
Hello Friends,
This is our first tutorial of Angular 7, we are going to build a simple homework application, this is only the first tutorial of Angular 7, there are more tutorials coming in my next coming updates.
In this video we will cover,
What is Angular 7
How to create a simple Angular application
How to use Forms, Routing, Navigation, Clarity, validation, and much more
Subscribe and stay tuned.
In this video tutorial we will cover the following topics:
00:14:35 Introduction
00:41:14 Creating Angular Application
03:38:15 Installing Angular Dependencies
04:58:42 Displaying Form Data
05:33:00 Sorting Form Data
06:55:44 Data Filtering
07:26:51 Storing Data
08:22:44 displaying data
09:39:33 Total Quantity in a Database
10:30:51 Form handling
11:44:04 Displaying Message and Status
13:26:14 How to make a Form with validation
14:28:33 How to render a Form along with validation
15:38:29 How to Hide a Form when it’s not valid
16:52:14 How to Add or Update a Form
18:00:17 How to handle errors and message in a Form
19:37:24 Some Miscellaneous values

What’s New in the Question Writer HTML5?

Create professional and reliable tests for your website or company, or design and create even complex surveys for your employees or customers. It’s a fantastic test or evaluation creation toolset.
It’s a feature-rich, intuitive and professional toolset for test designers and creators.

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HTML4 Text Editor Free

Question Writer HTML5

Download Question Writer HTML5

Free Question Writer HTML5 Download

Web Application

Questioner HTML5 Exam Engine

Download Questioner HTML5


Questionnaire Creation


Questioner HTML5


Questioner HTML5













HTML4 text editor free

Questioner HTML5

Download Questioner HTML5

Web Application

Questioner HTML5 Exam Engine

Free Questioner HTML5 Download


Questioner HTML5

Question Writer HTML5


The questioner html5 application is simply a question-answer application with some high added value features. The authors have tried to make it very nice looking and overall useful. Thus this tool was developed by vkcorp. The nice looking look and feel was the main reason why I was brave enough to start using the software and I can say it was an overwhelming feeling of success.
This application is developed under the assumption that it can be used to write all kinds of questionnaires, examination/tests, etc. The software provides the user with three main components

The components

Component 1 — Insert and edit questions

One of the major features of this application is the ability to add questions and also, edit them. The tool not only provides the user with

System Requirements:

Use of Gamepad
Both VH and NK controls can be accessed by the gamepad.
1. VH – Prowler
2. NK – Monk
3. Prowler – This is the primary firing mode, the attack begins with the designated weapon but can be changed in the weapon selection.
4. Monk – Primary weapon change.
※ Don’t Select Prowler and Monk at the same time.
※ Use VH and NK together to avoid connection issue.

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