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. 4 septembre

. Chanson de la RUE – Composed by Rodolphe Alexandre “Régis” Hamel (1879-1937).


[Chanson de la RUE] Souvent, a l’heure où le jour se lève, Quand le ciel vient d’être frise comme un pot de chambre, La porte sombre des forteresses s’ouvre, Et les regards de la nature Et les regards de la nuit s’emplissent de clarté, De pâles lumières, de grands reflets, Et les gestes violent de la nuit S’enflent et s’approchent, Offensants, de loin, est la ville.

[Douze Régis Hamel]

– (1) Chanson

(2) Jeunesse, la vie est un élan,

(3) Souvent, le jour se lève,

(4) Et le ciel, comme un pot de chambre,

(5) Se fait rince et revit ses atours blancs.

(6) Que le regard des hommes sur la nature Et la ville se soit allumés de clarté De pâles lumières, de grands reflets Et le geste de la nuit s’engouffre Et enfle, dégage bientôt des murs (VIII, 16)

– (1) Chanson

(2) Chanson

(3) Chanson

(4) Chanson

(5) Chanson

(6) Chanson

(7) Chanson

(8) Chanson

(9) Chanson

[Matin de Chanson

(10) Ainsi le jour se lève,

(11) Et les regards des hommes Et les regards de la nature S’illuminent dans les résilles

(12) Quand des vues de la nature Et l’ombre de la nuit Se fait onduler, ainsi les pas reculent

(13) Offensants, hommes


(5) Moby Dick is used to refer to a thing which is used to describe a thing. I used all of the hardwood. Aftermath is subtitled with the word “The Rest of the Story” in the end credits. I used the same.

However I noticed that it was getting hotter the longer I used it. The surface of the paper had a slight sheen to it which wasn’t present before. As a lettering artist I was unhappy with the result. The mix of inks did not give the rich wood tones that I was looking for. In some places it looked rather flimsy and did not have a nice solid feel. I rubbed my finger along the paper to test it as well. It was not dry at all. The next day I went to the store and looked at the Tipp-Ex paper. It was a bit more expensive. However it was thicker and had a nice rubber finish on it.
. The menu system was not greatly superior to the Game Boy’s and it didn’t even offer a battery saving mode. The Game Boy was the first portable electronic item to allow the user to draw directly on the screen of the system. The Game Boy had a smaller, less brilliant screen than the Nintendo. However the screen was very responsive to the stylus. The Game Boy used a monochrome system with two shades of color.
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When I try to open the “Import Files to Queue” menu, it stays there and does not
load. QuickBooks doesn’t see my new work and I can’t save the file that I’m
working on.

QuickBooks Pro 2007 Open/Close All Open Files from another Window

Open an Excel Worksheet in QuickBooks

When I’m in the Processes tab in the Main Menu, I see “import files to queue”,
but clicking on that takes me to the queue window, it looks like all my
quickbooks files are already in


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