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The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalences of the various states of DLS and *H. pylori* colonization in Spanish children. We found that DLS is associated with *H. pylori* colonization in children, especially with the lower states of DLS, and more in the younger group.

In our sample, we found a prevalence of 49.4% in the *H. pylori* colonization, and that all the states of DLS had been found in 11% of the study sample, with a higher prevalence in younger children. Nevertheless, we believe that the study has other important strengths, including the fact that it is the first in the country to investigate the possible association between the two conditions.

Our present study has a number of limitations, including the small sample size (although the study was conducted in a sample of a relatively large size). The diagnosis of chronic gastritis and DLS were based on endoscopy, which may have influenced the results, because endoscopy was not performed in all cases. However, the study sample did include a good number of patients and it is noteworthy that the results of the *H. pylori* evaluation were homogeneous, as two different tests were used (histopathologic study and ^13^C-UBT).

Overall, we found a higher prevalence of *H. pylori

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The Labour leader told the NEC on Thursday that his party would do everything it could to stop MPs adopting AV, a system which he previously described as a “failed experiment”.

“If, or rather when, the right wing press has the opportunity to repeat the parliamentary manoeuvring for a second time, I and many others will do everything we can to stop them,” he said.

Mr Corbyn would like the party to table an amendment to the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday (November 12) asking the government to extend AV “to the House of Lords and the Commons, which is the fairest way to determine a government”.

After the election, the Tories have already started to talk about rolling back key aspects of the policies on which they won, in what some Tories have described as a “Hard Brexit”.

“Because we were only elected by a very small margin – because of the way elections in May were fought – we cannot rely on repeating, without exception, the entire manifesto of the Conservative Party,” Mr Corbyn told his NEC.

“And that means, unfortunately

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