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Washington Court of Appeals Judge’s Recent Appearances

I. The North End, Portland OR

About Me

As a defendant, I have the right to appeal my case to the Court of Appeals, and thus, I try to do so as promptly as possible. There are a number of reasons why an appeal could be required after a criminal conviction. A defendant may disagree with the trial judge’s reasons for sentencing, feel that the trial judge was biased against him, or believe the trial judge made an improper evidentiary ruling. The defendant may feel like the trial judge was unfair during the trial and may wish to challenge the judge’s conduct by requesting an appeal. Even if a trial judge imposes the correct sentence, the defendant may still want to appeal the sentence because the defendant may disagree with the judge’s reasoning. A court of appeals usually hears an appeal within six to twelve months of the sentence being imposed. This means that if the appeal is not decided promptly, the defendant may have to wait even longer to receive a decision. The delay the defendant experiences is frustrating and burdensome.

Seeking the very best advice at the very first

Properly represented, I am confident I can receive a fair outcome in my appeal process.

A real New York lawyer with an impressive background

I have the experience to defeat my criminal case and maintain my legal rights with zealous advocacy and meticulous representation.

Representation that is swift and cost-effective

When I determine my case is winnable, I present the best case I can and only require as much effort from you as is necessary.

Professional Case Presentation

It is crucial to have a skilled and experienced lawyer by your side. Your case deserves that dedicated attention. I work quickly, effectively, and efficiently to win your case at the lowest cost to you.

Track Record of Successful Results

The accumulation of numerous well-earned victories places me in an impressive group of attorneys.

Trustworthy and honest, a valued member of the bar

I pledge to treat you and your case with utmost integrity.

Contact a knowledgeable New York lawyer

Contact me today to learn more about my legal services. It is my mission to help every person I represent, and you will receive that same generous commitment from me.Q:

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