Resonator is an audio plugin that you can use to add resonance and morph effects to your tracks and mixes, helping you to create clear sounds.
The plugin can be used with any music genre and also comes with a LFO modulator that will enable you to enhance your music.







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In a world where every producer strives to create their own distinctive sound, the use of effects and synthesis techniques has become key to the production process.

Resonator is a synth effect plugin to add resonance and morphs to your tracks and mixes.

The plugin can be used with any type of music and also comes with a LFO modulator that can help you to enhance your music.

Resonator Synth Description:

In a world where every producer strives to create their own distinctive sound, the use of effects and synthesis techniques has become key to the production process.

Resonator is a synth effect plugin to add resonance and morphs to your tracks and mixes.

The plugin can be used with any type of music and also comes with a LFO modulator that can help you to enhance your music.

Every audio production tool includes a thousand different features. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you will find the most essential tools for the work you do and for your creativity.


How to Install Resonator VST Torrent Download Synth Effect Plugin

The software installation process is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Download Resonator VST Plugin from the official website and save it to your hard disk

Extract the downloaded zip file and move it to the directory where all the audio tools you want to install are.

Unzip the ResonatorVST.exe file

Open the Setup Wizard

Make sure that “Launch when Plugins Starts” option is selected

Finish the installation

Resonator VST Plugin works with any OS and any Windows version (including Windows 10). No additional requirements are needed.

Add Resonator VST Plugin Effect to your productions:

Select the “Resonator” audio effect plugin in the “Plug-Ins” section of NCH Audio Plugin Manager

Adjust the Resonator VST Plugin parameters (Reverse/Send volume, Frequency, Q, Tone of the control and LFO)

To add the Resonator VST Plugin to your audio tracks, you can use both built-in audio tracks and third-party audio plugins. Either way, audio plugins are helpful since they add effects and automation features to your audio tracks.

All audio tools have their own share of pros and cons.

Use the right tool for the right job.

Audio plugin and your production


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With resonator, you can generate frequencies and add effects to sounds to make them bigger and crisper with a lot of bass. You can tweak your sounds with a creative filter or with filters for even more effects. You can also set your EQ curves as a crossfader, to set the volume at a specific position or on the fly.

A rough idea of resonator:

Resonator VST by Attack

Advanced Musical Instrument

Requires Windows 10 or higher


2.5 MB


Oct 12, 2017






Sep 17, 2017




Very bad

Doesn’t run on my machine

Doesn’t work

If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful plugin that will provide you with what you need, Resonator is a great choice. It’s easy to use, has a lot of potential and versatility, is simple to understand and is well documented.
Also, the fact that Resonator is free is priceless because you can’t imagine how bad Windows installs are nowadays. By saying that, I’m not saying that the Resonator VST is free of viruses, but it’s a small and simple VST (with a lot of functionality) that you can also buy (on a professional VST platform) if you’d like to install it on a Windows 32-bit machine.

My personal experience with Resonator:

I’ve been using Resonator since the 0.2 version. I’ve gotten many great results with it. Resonator is a very versatile plugin, and it has a lot of possibilities.

The biggest problem with this plugin (or any plugin in general) is that it’s not that user-friendly. It lacks tutorials and proper documentation. Resonator must have good tutorials. It’s also important for Resonator to have a proper manual; although it has one, it’s not very good. It’s also important to have a better GUI. I, personally, have tried to redesign the interface of Resonator because it looked like a tool that would work with computers back in the 90s.

Resonator’s biggest strength is its simplicity. However, simplicity means that Resonator doesn’t have a lot of features. Resonator has simple options like a crossfader, an LFO modulator, a filter, an

Resonator VST Patch With Serial Key

Resonator is a resonant phaser and flanger effect with an endless modulation matrix that can also be used as a high pass and low pass filter.
This freeware plugin also comes with a huge modulation matrix with support for vibrato, tremolo and lfo.
Use the LFO modulator to fade in and out with a smooth effect to complete any sound design.
* Endless modulation matrix
* Phaser, flanger, pitch shifter and up-pitch / down-pitch effect
* High pass / low pass filter
* Resonance and oscillator
* LFO modulator (with lfo support)
* Ribbon modulation (in/out)
* DSP optimized
* Compatible with any PC and Mac operating system
Resonator VST Specifications:
Audio Input:
Main: Line or Audio In
Main: Inputs: 1/2/4/6 Channels
Sub: 1/2 Channels
User defined parameters:
Main: Pitch
Sub: Vibrato
Main: Resonance
Main: Pitch Shifter
Sub: Vibrato
Main: Delay
Sub: Tremolo
Main: LFO
Sub: LFO 1/2 Channels
Main: Mod. Matrix:
Sub: Modulation Matrix: 2 Channels
* Main: Mod. Matrix: 2 x 2 Matrix
* Sub: Mod. Matrix: 2 x 2 Matrix
* Main: Mod. Matrix: 2 x 3 Matrix
* Sub: Mod. Matrix: 2 x 3 Matrix
Main: Mod. Rate:
Sub: Rate: 1
Main: Mod. Pan:
Sub: Pan: 1
Main: Mod. Amp:
Sub: Amp: 0.5
Main: Mod. Res:
Sub: Res: 0.5
Main: Mod. Width:
Sub: Width: 0.5
Main: Mod. Depth:
Sub: Depth: 0.5
Main: Mod. Crossover:
Sub: Crossover: 0
* Main: Mod. Crossover: 2 Channels
Main: Mod. Depth: 5
Main: Mod. Width: 0.5
Main: Mod. Depth: 1
Main: Mod. Crossover: 0
Sub: Mod. Crossover: 0
Main: Mod. Crossover: 2 Channels
Main: Mod. Rate: 1
Main: Mod. Pan: 0.5

What’s New In Resonator VST?

Resonator is a powerful resonance and morph plugin, and it sounds remarkably organic. The unique Resonator Engine creates completely diverse effects, like low frequency buildup and boost, and modulated toms, and all of these parameters are available in a unique, easy-to-use LFO, with all the different waveforms and control offered by the LFO, including variable LFO speed, pitch, modulations and filtering. This unique plugin can make your music sound like it’s being played in a room – even more interesting when you connect the Sound Engine to your home audio system.

Unlike most other morph and resonance plugins, Resonator lets you use a wide range of frequencies to create different effects. It makes it easy to find sounds that can be modulated with the LFO, and the LFO can be used to glide over a sample or a sample plus a bunch of other sounds, to morph various instruments, morph a sound or even morph two different sound sources.

The plugin also makes it easy to get wild, creating very organic, human sounds, by using the Sidechain Outputs.

The included Sound Engine features a unique tool that lets you play with the process of the resonance, as the very purpose of Resonator is to help you create sounds in a completely new way, to make you sound organic.

Sound Engine+

Sound Engine+ is an advanced example of how the Resonator plugin can sound. Sound Engine+ is a virtual instrument with the ability to control the Resonator plugin. Sound Engine+ is also a demonstration of the power of Resonator when added into a larger virtual instrument or the combination of Resonator and Sound Engine+ as a complete virtual instrument package.


* New Resonator LFO
* Flexibility with a new LFO providing over 80 different LFO waveforms.
* New Sounds
* Resampling of the Sounds
* The Sounds in Sound Engine+ have been pre-configured for use with the Resonator plugin.
* Sound Engine+ is a virtual instrument in which the Resonator plugin is controlled with Ableton Live sound engine.
* Sound Engine+ includes a list of sounds for Resonator that you can mix and match.
* You can use different sound sources in Sound Engine+ with Resonator.

About Vexenet

Vexenet is a plugin developer & producer based out of Santa Barbara, California.

Since 2003, we’ve been creating unique,

System Requirements:

The bottom of the barrel. XP if you absolutely have to, Vista with a shitload of memory or SLI capable hardware and at least 1GB of memory.
If you’re playing as a team, you’ll need to be able to run voice chat and other chat services. A beefy server will make this easier.
It is recommended that you join the host’s server in a lobby. It’s possible for players to join a room, but the host’s server will offer the best gaming experience, in terms of the ability to communicate with other players.

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