Return Of Hanuman 720p Download ##TOP##

Return Of Hanuman 720p Download

Return Of Hanuman 720p Download

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How to capture form field values in to model with flask and sqlalchemy?

I’m working on a project in flask where I want to capture form values into model and then pass it to the view.
So, what I need to achieve is to store all the field values in model as soon as I enter any field values. I want to use flask, I believe flask should solve this, is this true?


The data you’re looking for is most likely available on the request object. It’s the first argument of the view function.
def handle_form_submit(form_data):
# do stuff here with form_data

By the way, if your form’s action is /submit_form, then you should probably use the @app.route decorator rather than @app.route().

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(So I don’t know if it was my fault or not )

I wonder if Free Republic could do as OS News : provide *moderated* links to google searches. The OS News moderators would still have the right to


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