Rns 315 V.5 Map Update 13 !NEW!


Rns 315 V.5 Map Update 13

2. How do I update? This is easy. Your unit will have the update download available, simply reboot, update the unit and you’re good to go. Yay! *in case you want to check on it, you can always ask me for help

3. Before I update, I update NMEA-1.92!! Why, you might say?? Well, the older version 1.95, doesn’t work properly with newer hardware (2.0+) AND doesn’t work with the new maps from Apple. Once again, just so you are aware, I have a quote from NMEA.org: “…we will NOT attempt to cooperate in any way with the Apple drivers or firmware used with the C1, C2 and C3 devices. The Apple drivers and firmware are different and incompatible with the latest NMEA-01.90. Word on the street is the new firmware will not work with 1.92, nor with the older firmware.”

4. The latest firmware from the factory is 5238.5. You can find the link to it here: < rt5238-v5-firmware-i386.zip (v5.53 2014) >. Or if you have the hardware C3-C12, you can download the APEX 2660 drivers here: rt5238-2660-drivers-400mb-windows.zip (should be 2550 for the C1/C2, 2520 for the C3/C4). These are the latest drivers from the factory. If you have a older firmware, you will need to get the drivers from the factory, install in the computer and extract them into the /software/partition. Use VirtualBox to make the partition virtual and then install the drivers from the factory folder.

2. Java 9+ Edge will automatical detect and enable 4K HEVC on Windows. No need for the EDGE_4K_H265_DEC_NO_SCHEME_SUPPORT patch. Edge will use a fixed HEVC seting while the rest of the devices will use SLS. Scroll the settings and set it to HEVC for 4K on HEVC media (-> it is 1588×1080).–> Works on Windows 10 and apps like Plex, VLC, CouchPotato, Nuendo4, ACID, Kdenlive, Bastelius and others (-> no need to reinstall those apps). Can not change the 1080p setting (-> the seting is used for 720p, VGA, VGA-V1, VGA-V2 and VGA-1080).




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