RollBack Rx Professional V10.7 Build 2702518295 Full Version NEW!

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RollBack Rx Professional V10.7 Build 2702518295 Full Version

RollBack Rx Pro v10.7 build 2702518295 is a new release of RollBack Professional with the following key new features and enhancements.

  • Android versions of RollBack Rx Pro are now included. This means that you can install RollBack Rx Pro on your Android mobile device. Android can be used on any Android device.
  • We have updated the Splash screen for RollBack Rx Pro to provide a smoother user experience. We also improved the look and feel of the application.
  • We have improved the Look and Feel of both the Android and IOS versions. The application has a new dark theme and resolution 16 : 9 and IOS displays are now on the top row.
  • We have updated the add new items screen. These include email, link and settings.
  • The User interface for connecting to your servers has been improved.

With Visual Studio 2019, we have also made multiple feature versions available simultaneously so that our Enterprise and Professional customers have flexibility and control as to when they adopt feature updates. These different versions are available on the Current channel and the long-term servicing channels (LTSCs). The latest release on each channel is always, by definition, the most secure, so we highly encourage customers to stay up to date regardless of what channel they choose to get updates from. Refer to our support policy or our release rhythm documentation for additional information.

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