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School Days Pc Game Download

The game is what we’d call a port, since it uses the same engine as other titles in the series, not really the same game. But it runs very well and the additional features do little to take away anything from the game’s immersion.

Ayami Kojima herself fans, and that’s she one of the reasons why School Days has gone on to become one of the most popular visual novels of all time (not even counting the additional School Days games that she’s made). She’s also the author of dozens of popular novels such as Katawa Shoujo, To The Beautiful You!, and more, and is one of the best known Japanese mangaka in the industry.

Kurenai is back! Kurenai was expelled from the basketball team at the beginning of the game during a group activity. So, Kyouichi was thinking “she has a grudge against us” thinking that her grudge against the team also extended to herself. So he agreed that they would win to make it go away.]]>

With that out of the way, the single coolest thing is that unlike visual novels that you click and read, Playing School Days is more like watching an anime. You only have precious few seconds to make a decision when prompted to do so or the story makes one for you lol.


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