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The Softube Sculpt button works on the basics of eliminating sibilance, removing hiss and boosting dynamic range. This plug-in is simple to use, its only a few buttons. Thanks to Mystique, you can warm up your vocal tracks without any harshness.

We are very excited to announce the new Reformer Video plug-in. The new Reformer is a dynamic new convolution soft-limiter in four different flavors. It delivers up to 10.000% peaks with up to 100 milliseconds delay time for transient shaping using only 1/3 of the CPU power compared to conventional compressor soft-limiters. All other features like audio, video and metadata monitoring is provided by Softube MixConsole. It’s a complete and easy to use convolution soft-limiter offering also advanced features such as dedicated soft-clipping limiter, harmonics, free-form filters, a low-pass, a high-pass filter, blue and red noise generators and more – all in the classical Softube audio quality and with a wide dynamic range.

Streaming was born. And it was created by a team of tech professionals who dreamed up one crazy idea. So crazy, it changed the world.. in ways you can’t even imagine. Everybody thinks they know what music streaming is, and what it can do. But it’s really not like any of them. And that’s why it needs to be called “One crazy idea.” 

2014 Grammy award winners, Elle Varnerand The-Dream team up to team up to deliver a summery pop/dance offering of seamless jams that you’re guaranteed to dance to. With the most colorful and uplifting of themes, this is the perfect collection to take you on a truly summer-themed journey. Use the free Sir Young app to enjoy your music on the most sophisticated next-gen device.

after this week’s successful launch of our web site, we are now in the process of preparing the download version of our all-in-one vst bundle. this bundle contains 6 plugins (with more in development) and will be available later this week. softube has released a video of the bundle in action. we hope you enjoy it.
for the latest instalment of focusrites plug-in collective community giveaway focusrite have teamed up with native instruments to offer a free copy of their plug-in synth lo-fi glow (normally $49), as well as a three-month trial of komplete now their ever-changing bundle of instruments and effects (normally $9.99 per month). from 22nd june to 6th october 2022, all plug-in collective members can pick up their copy of lo-fi glow and start their three-month free trial of komplete now.
as part of native instruments’ air instrument collection, xpand!2 offers more than 2,500 presets, including piano, organ, pads, synths, drums, percussion, brass, woodwind etc. for an additional $19.99 usd each, you can buy the presets in the xpand!2 vst bundle or download the free presets pack. alternatively, you can buy the xpand!2 midi keyboard in the native instruments store for an additional $49.99 usd.
pro tools first works with the latest pro tools version (11.0.2 or higher) and pro tools|first avb3 64-bit operating system (tested on windows 7).pro tools master account and ilok are required. you can download a pro tools|first avb3 64-bit iso from
pro tools|first avb3 64-bit version is available to download from the avid marketplace for free. however, these plug-ins are not compatible with avid’s new 64-bit daws – pro tools 11.0.2 or higher and pro tools first 11.2 or higher. in order to use pro tools|first avb3 64-bit plug-ins you must launch pro tools|first avb3 64-bit version. you can download a pro tools|first avb3 64-bit iso from

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