Solucionario Stewart 6 Edicion Pares


Solucionario Stewart 6 Edicion Pares


As an alternative to the code you posted, you could also try to use \autoref from amsrefs:


a = \texttt{b + c}


\texttt{b + c} = \texttt{a}


which gives:

Man’s best friend’s face is a part of almost every household in the world. These dogs were often kept as pets in homes, but now they also become useful for a number of purposes.

They help to catch criminals, guard homes, help people into wheelchairs, provide medical assistance and comfort the elderly, and for those who are visually impaired they can help them find things.

These are things that any dog owner can dream of, yet the true benefits of a trained dog as a service animal is far greater than any list could ever describe. The following is a list of 25 ways in which a dog can be trained to help the blind and visually impaired people live better.

1. Seeing just a person

Not many people know that without a service dog, the person can’t even get a glimpse of his/her nearest and dearest. The service dog guides his/her owner’s arms to the hand of the person they want to hug.

2. Obtaining a drink of water in public

Travelling with a dog can be a real pain and pleasure. Usually, people are not keen to assist a dog to go to the bathroom.

But if the dog is trained properly, he/she can be asked to do a command such as ‘go pee’ and guide the owner to the bathroom in a public place.

3. Helping people get dressed

Not only can he/she assist a person in getting their shoes on, they can also be trained to guide their owner to the closet and help him/her pick the right clothes and even help hold the clothes while they are trying to button them up.

4. Helping elderly people out

Some of the world’s leading elder

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