Sri Sri Chandi Path In Bengali Pdf

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Sri Sri Chandi Path In Bengali Pdf

it is the high priestess and queen of the gods, the fruit-sowing mother of the world, who is revealed in this hymn to the worship of the world. here the goddess is revealed as the divine motherhood, and not as an alternative, but rather as the actual divine force. the divine motherhood is the source of all creation, and from her are all the gods. with her grace, the divine motherhood has given birth to all creation, and all the gods are of her milk.

hearts are touched and minds are informed of the mothers ever present grace, in countless forms, by the numerous hymns of the chamaris. they recount the faith and devotion of the faithful, while some teach the practice of meditation, asceticism, or the sacred knowledge of the self.

the chandis special status is not without importance, in our current world where confusion and scandal await most devotees, from the basic questions of philosophy to the difficult path of asceticism to the questions of eastern philosophy and sufi philosophy. some devotees were looking for answers. others wanted to hear about them. one thing that can be said, very clearly, is that the chandi have an undeniable style, format, rhythm and style of their own. they speak to contemporary world, and retain the deep spiritual roots of the goddess in everyone who meditates, reads, or hears of her. her wisdom is woven into every line.

over the centuries millions of devotees have lived and died in faith of the goddess, through the many forms of her many names. while the chandi is a perfect example of the style and essence of the divine mother, it is not the only one. so long as people are ready to explore their innermost meditations and innermost nature, they are still able to expand further.


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