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Stitch Era Universal Crack Reflexive

personal flaw [46] : this fetish is a paper-cut-and-paste needle and thread, a bright red and blue ribbon. this fetish is placed in a pocket or worn as a necklace, and used reflexively to mark the wearer of a personal flaw, whatever they may be. the fetish is activated when the werewolf encounters a random flaw, and reflects the flaw onto the target by wounding them. it does not reflect an existing flaw, nor does it reflect the flaws of allies or friends. this fetish is created with a magpie-spirit.
action: reflexive

gossamer [47] : this is a wispy thread of light, seen as a sort of gossamer between worlds. it is used to stow away other possessions, or as a pendant, or it is used reflexively, as in the case of a thief, to help them to stealthily move about unnoticed. if the thread is used as a pendant, its power is diminished, while it can be used reflexively, as in the case of a thief. its bonus is +1. the thread is useless in daylight, and is rendered invisible if the werewolf is wearing anything with a chaos or darkness attribute. this fetish is created with a bird-spirit.
action: reflexive

bone lance [24] : the bone lance has no magical properties, but its sharp steel tip can pierce a werewolf’s flesh and withdraw blood without doing damage to bone. this is an improvised fetish, and the werewolf may remove it at any time for free – the fetish user must still make a successful reflexive roll with a minimum morality of 3 before removing the fetish and suffering any consequences.

diagnostic stitch [31] : this beautiful, intricately knotted leather has been used to sew up wounds for thousands of years. no one knows who made this stitch, but many believe that it could have been made by a ninja. this stitch does not ever heal, but as long as it is used, it allows the werewolf to keep his wounds from becoming infected. a werewolves health dots added by this fetish count as stamina dots. this fetish can be used only once per day. its value can be reduced by the werewolves stamina. however, if a werewolves stamina drops to zero, the fetish is no longer usable. a werewolves health points added by this fetish count as stamina dots. its value can be reduced by the werewolves health. however, if a werewolves health drops to zero, the fetish is no longer usable. a dog-spirit helps create this fetish. action: reflexive
the hordes of quarantined “africans” who are actually part of the despised continent of africa are gradually fleeing to the americas via the central american border for a variety of reasons. illness is one, of course. but also, they simply no longer want to be in africa. thats probably because the rest of the continent is in chaos. many countries have been engulfed in religious and ethnic cleansing as their muslim majorities have been forced to kill off their christians and jews. south africa, where the werewolves are based, is still relatively peaceful, but its muslims are much more likely to be killed by other muslims than by werewolves. the west african nation of nigeria is being torn apart by a religious war between the muslim north and christian south. the continent of africa is currently one vast war zone. its not something that even neighboring to the east, where asia is, sees. its something that even the europeans have not noticed. in fact, its so bad in africa that it can be seen from the moon, where its literally causing the moon to darken, but none of the worlds superpowers are concerned. this has happened before. its caused major wars and the extermination of entire cultures. its a known effect of africa, and its causing a major ecological disaster that the entire world will pay a high price for. but the world is apparently too busy killing off the 99% of africa to notice that africa is being destroyed. the world is so busy being woke that it just doesn’t care anymore. its not even in the running for things like the olympics or the world cup or whatever it was that the ioc and the chinese government were so excited about at the beginning of this year. the current african crisis is so big, its simply being overlooked. its not even in the news. it may as well not exist. its just as bad, but its invisible. its been invisible for years, and its only getting worse. you have to look for the message, its written right on the moon, but the only one who can read it is a werewolf. action: reflexive

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